Games I Like – All of them! – 2014 – A Hobby Year in Review: Prep for The Machine Shop Episode 11

Year in Review

Alright folks, I’m doing some homework for next week’s Machine Shop. It will be on planning Hobby Resolutions for 2015. How did I do in 2014?

Plotting my results for the year it looks like I…

Painted 230 Models
– 62 Studio Models
– 168 Personal Models
– 84 Warmachine Models
– 46 Infinity Models
– 8 WFB Models
– 68 40k Models (6 personal, 62 Studio)
– 13 VC Future Combat Models (old AT43)
– 8 Zombie Game Models (Homebrew)
– 4 Fallout Models (Homebrew)

That’s 0.63 Models per Day in 2014. Not bad!

Played 92 Games
– 26 Warmachine Games
– 16 Infinity Games
– 39 Warhammer Games
– 11 Warhammer 40k Games

Of those games, only 5 were actually for fun. The rest were work (Not exactly not fun, but I’m not sure they ‘count’ as hobbying). I played 0 games of my homebrew Fallout or Zombie systems which was really disappointing. I played 0.25 games per day in 2014… not surprising considering I changed jobs and filming games became something I do 2-3 days a week. I played a disappointing 0.01 Games Per Day of actual ‘my hobby’ time.

Last is my models bought. I’m not going to look at what I actually spent (god help me I don’t even want to know)… but rather the variance vs. Models Purchased and Models Painted. The Higher the better!


– 127 models purchased

– 168 models painted

That’s a positive variance of 41 models or a painting to purchasing percentage of 32% in the green. I painted 32% more than I bought.

So now I need to reflect and consider what I want my goals to be for 2015! I’m really happy with the amount of painting I got done. Steve really helped motivate me as he finishes armies like a champion and it got me moving on getting stuff done for filming. I was also really excited by the new editions of Infinity and half-edition changes to Warhammer, which helped a ton.

You can see my full 2014 Hobby results here:

Please share all of your own hobby results for 2014!


~ by Achilles on December 31, 2014.

3 Responses to “Games I Like – All of them! – 2014 – A Hobby Year in Review: Prep for The Machine Shop Episode 11”

  1. haha, shit, the amount of stuff you got painted last year is more than everything I own!

    It’s good seeing your stats though, I think I might try that! I managed my last years goal of completing units before fielding them, so that’s made me happy!

    • It’s rules like that which make all the difference in my opinion. You’ve got to hold youself accountable to something to really get things done. I havent fielded an unpainted model in something like twenty years and that’s a rule I won’t ever regret!

  2. […] question is did you get much hobby done in 2014, but you just posted this overview on your blog, and knocked it out of the park. So, what’s the secret to getting so much […]

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