Battle Report – Anima Tactics – Throwback Thursdays Ep 110

•September 21, 2017 • Leave a Comment


I’ve painted up a new Anima Tactics army that’s been sitting in a box almost 10 years! The Empire takes on the forces of Darkness in this Gamma Level (300levels) game!


Battle Report – Warhammer 40000 – Orkz vs. Blood Ravens

•September 20, 2017 • Leave a Comment


Time for some Open War! As I finish the first of my Imperial Knights for my Questoris army, I roll it and some Vengeance Weapon Batteries into my Blood Ravens for a game against Mike’s freshly painted Orkz (done in six weeks!) using the new Open War cards from GW.

Battle Report – Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago – The Abandoned Watchtower

•September 19, 2017 • Leave a Comment


The Royal Physician has spotted an ancient ruin amidst the islands of the Ghost Archipelago and once again is opposed by the Thegns as he searches for more Map Stones amidst the rubble in ‘The Abandoned Watchtower!’

Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Path to Glory Ep 03

•September 18, 2017 • Leave a Comment


It’s time to settle the score. Graco Stormfist has had enough of these marauding savage Orrukz and seeks to settle his grudge once and for all in Battleplan: Vendetta.

We adjust our warbands based on the first two games to the NEW Path to Glory Supplement, adding some twists to expand the Bonesplitterz roster in particular.

Widgets and Wonders Ep 92 – Double Sided Gaming Mats by

•September 17, 2017 • Leave a Comment has released some of their most popular designs as double-sided mats: ‘Imperial Base’ and ‘Fallout Zone’ along with ‘Forgotten Realms’ and ‘Highlands in War’.

Check out this cheaper way to pick up multiple designs with less storage HERE:

On the Paint Table – Imperial Knights, Assassin and Telepathica

•September 16, 2017 • Leave a Comment


Check out what I painted this week and take a look at upcoming projects!

Battle Report – Dark Age – A Forsaken World Ep 31

•September 15, 2017 • Leave a Comment


First of the faction looks at the new Skaard – Father Johann and the Cult of Metamorphosis as we play 750pts of Burying the Dead!

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