Let’s Play! – Age of Sigmar: WARCRY by Games Workshop

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It’s time for another Let’s Play! Today we take a look at Games Workshop’s latest foray into kitchen-table skirmish games: WARCRY. Pick a Warband, embark on a quest and play 12 linked narrative games charting the progress of your Chaotic Champion and their followers.

Check out the Unboxing and How to Play Video HERE: https://youtu.be/SFm1q-m4HeM


Batman Miniature Game 2E – Ep 08 – The Brave & Bold vs. Suicide Squad

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The Skwad takes on Knightfall Batman in the streets of Gotham!


GMG REVIEWS – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – WARCRY

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It’s time for ANOTHER GMG Review! This time we take a look at Games Workshop’s latest skirmish-game offering; WARCRY. Build a warband using simple symbol-driven stat-cards and fight for Glory and Re-Rolls in the Age of Sigmar through 12 linked Narrative missions to earn cool Artifacts at the end of your Quest. Then, start another Quest for even more Glory and Stuff! Sit down with me as I unbox the game and go through all of the rules for playing, building warbands, setting up the game and the various modes of play.

#TBT GMG REVIEWS – Warhammer Fantasy Battle: 1st Edition

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It’s time for another #TBT GMG Review! Today we go right back to the beginning of pop-culture wargaming with Warhammer Fantasy Battle: 1st Edition. Wargaming meets Role Playing games in this genre-defining first boxed game of Fantasy Mass-Battles with full support for Magic and Character driven Campaigns!

Warhammer 40000: Kill Team – Genestealer Cult vs. Grey Knights – Adepticon Scenario 1

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Owen from Gaming with the Cooler and I run through the event pack from Adepticon 2019, starting with Vital Supplies as my Genestealer Cult takes on his Grey Knights!

RelicBlade Battle Report – The Volgelands: Part 2

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We’re back with another Volgelands Relic Blade game! This time Bron Bearkiller, his trusty footman Bertrand and the Hellhound Berserkers take on the OG Temple!

GMG REVIEWS – Reality’s Edge: Cyberpunk_Skirmish_Rules by Osprey Games

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It’s time for another GMG Review! Today I take a look at Osprey’s upcoming character-driven Cyberpunk skirmish game, Reality’s Edge. In the tradition of Neuromancer, Blade Runner, Altered Carbon and all your other favourites, your Show-Runner and his band of characters will navigate life in the Sprawl, look for Job-Ops and try to not to fall victim to being Pawns of the Shadow-Broker or his Rivals.

Out it August 2019 – it is currently available for Pre-Order HERE: https://ospreypublishing.com/reality-039-s-edge

GMG Measuring Gauges and Tokens available HERE: http://deathraydesigns.com/product-category/accessories/guerrilla-miniature-games/

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