Battle Report – Dark Age – NEW SKAARD vs. Salt Flat Nomads

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Battle Report – Deadzone – Forgefathers vs. Enforcers

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Victor is back for another game against my Enforcers, this time 200pts of throwing down with his Forgefathers!

Battle Report – Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower – The Shard of Ghur

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With the Shards of Shyish and Chamon secured, a new trial begins for the Heroes to secure the shard of Ghur!

Widgets and Wonders Ep 88 – Strompost Alpha Pre-Printed Infinity Terrain

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John from Muse on Minis has produced ready-to-play Pre-Printed terrain for your Sci-Fi and Post-Apocalyptic games. You can buy it individually or as a table bundle HERE:

GMG Exclusive Infinity Preview – Locust Hacker

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Carlos from CB has sent along another exclusive preview for you all to enjoy! The Locust Clandestine Action Unit for Pan Oceania!

“Vis Invisibilis” (Invisible Power).
Motto of the Hexahedron’s
Clandestine Action Team.

If there is anyone in the Intelligence scene who is deserving of their code-name it is the Locusts, as damaging as the insect for which they are named. For once, the analysts of Yǎnjīng, Yu Jing Military Intelligence, were very accurate when they christened them with this code-name while performing their operational evaluation. Previously, the Locusts didn’t really have a name. It wasn’t really needed as there was no record of their existence. The Locusts are field agents of the External Reconnaissance Agency, a division of the Hexahedron.
This agency is known as the “Big Nothing” because it is so secret that its very existence is classified. The mission of the Big Nothing is HUMINT, the data obtained from people, and the conduct of info-espionage outside of PanOceanian territory. And that is the task of the Locusts, among other even more clandestine and illegal things, the majority of which are related to the lethal use of weapons. Because the Locusts are a part of the dark forces which help PanOceania remain the number one power in the Sphere. A presence in the shadows that is always there, keeping the free world running with methods that, if the general public knew of, would be considered questionable and immoral. You already know: espionage, theft, sabotage, assassination…the four aces of the intelligence underworld.”


On the Paint Table – Anima Tactics, Guild Ball, Warmachine and Scrappers!

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Battle Report – Infinity – Radio Free NeoTerra Ep 61

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