Widgets and Wonders Ep 113 – Pre-Coloured Star Wars-ish MDF Terrain from Battle Kiwi

•May 27, 2018 • Leave a Comment


Battle Kiwi has a line of pre-coloured MDF Terrain for all your Star Wars or grimy far-far-away future Wargaming needs. Check it out HERE: https://www.battlekiwi.com/product-category/tabletop-terrain/star-battle-terrain/


On the Paint Table – Reaper: Dark Heaven, Infinity Pan Oceania and more!

•May 26, 2018 • Leave a Comment


Check out what I painted this week and take a look at upcoming projects!

Battle Report – Malifaux – Arcanists vs. Ten Thunders!

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My Misaki crew is now fully painted so it’s time to put it on the table and face down Ben’s Arcanists led by Marcus in a 50SS Encounter from Gaining Grounds 2018.

Battle Report – GORECHOSEN – Ep 03

•May 24, 2018 • Leave a Comment

Andy brings in his GORECHOSEN Champions for the most metal gaming experience in board games. We play a 2v2 with Redgar and Heldrax take on Tark and Fexgor!


Battle Report – Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire – Relics SCE vs. Spiteclaw’s Swarm

•May 23, 2018 • Leave a Comment


Let’s see if the Scaredy Kat Stormcast Eternal play is as bad as it’s said. I test out a full Katophrane Relic deck of Steelheart’s Champions against Spiteclaw’s Swarm in this matched play session!

Battle Report – Gaslands – Team Rutherford vs. Team Mishkin

•May 22, 2018 • Leave a Comment


The EVENT HORIZON War-Rig from Team Mishkin has challenged the Rutherfords to a duel to the end in an Arena of Death!

Battle Report – ARENA REX – Morituri vs. Legio XII

•May 21, 2018 • Leave a Comment


With Thoth painted I’ve now finished off all my pending ARENA REX models, so I take them to the Coliseum to face Owen’s Legio XIII!

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