GMG Let’s Make! – Precision Pivoting Widgets for ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’

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Sometimes you want an accessory for a game but just can’t quite find it on the market. So you start drawing in your notebook and show your designs to your buddy, who might be a wizard. Then this happens.

Check out my precision Pivoting Widgets being produced by Death Ray Designs HERE:

More to come for Kings of War III shortly.


Malifaux 3E Battle Report – Ep 02 – Ten Thunders vs. The Guild

•September 9, 2019 • Leave a Comment

Greg is back once again with his Guild, this time to take the Guard to the streets as Misaki and her Ninja’s rampage through the city!

GMG Let’s Talk! 013 – …About Tabletop Gaming Clubs.

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Welcome to another Let’s Talk! Today I’m joined by Spencer Robertson, one of the founders of the University of Toronto Tabletop Gaming Club, a city-centre game club now in its fifth year with nearly 200 members.

The Club is open to anyone, not just UofT students, so if you’re interested in gaming space in Toronto get more information here:

Intro Jingle by Kevin McLeod

GMG Let’s Talk on SPOTIFY:


RSS Feed for any App you want to listen on:

On the Paint Table – Aeronautica Imperialis, A Song of Ice and Fire, Infinity and more! (562/886)

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Check out what I painted this week and take a look at upcoming projects!

WARCRY Battle Report – NEW Monsters and Mercenaries – Iron Golems vs. Untamed Beasts

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Monsters and Mercenaries is adding a huge array of heroes to fight for your Warbands in Warcry! Today I’m joined by Mike from Epic Duck Studios for a game with his Untamed Beasts joined by a Darkoath War Queen facing off against my Iron Golems with a Lord of Plagues!

Check out the review of the new book HERE:

GMG Reviews – Age of Sigmar: Warcry – Monsters and Mercenaries

•September 7, 2019 • Leave a Comment

It’s time for another GMG Review! Today I take a look at Monsters and Mercenaries, the first supplement for Games Workshop’s WARCRY. This 64 page book adds 3 new Thrall Beasts for Chaos Warbands, 4 new open Quests for any of the factions, 8 Raid-style missions to fight Monsters and Boss level units, including one of the new Warbands yet to be released (the Everchosen). Add to that dozens of Hero-Level Mercenaries and there’s plenty for WARCRY fans to sink their teeth into.

Let’s Play! – Riot Quest by Privateer Press

•September 6, 2019 • Leave a Comment

It’s time for another Let’s Play! Today I’m joined by Owen from Gaming with the Cooler to check out the new 2-4 Player Arena Combat game from Privateer Press.

Just a note; we mess up Cool-Down being simultaneous in this video and that you can’t put more dice into actions that aren’t attacks, but that’s why it’s a Let’s Play! Will be fixed for our next game.

Check out the GMG Review HERE:

Check out the Website HERE:

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