Battle Report – Hero Quest – ‘Barak-Tor: Barrow of the Witch Lord’

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The Star of the West must be secured from the ancient Tomb of the Witch Lord in order for the King to rally the lands against Zargon. The Dungeoneers are set to the task of retrieving it at all cost!


Let’s Play! – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Skirmish (2nd Edition)

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The latest edition of the Age of Sigmar Skirmish has released in the pages of the January 2019 White Dwarf! Penned by Warhammer World veteran John Bracken (you might remember him from the Gargant mini-game for Shadespire) the core rules let you play Open, Narrative and Matched Play games with ANY models in your collection. Pick a Grand Alliance and go!

These rules will be particularly useful for fans of AoS 28 (Dark Age of Sigmar) as they will let you seamlessly use Warscrolls of any type together in a Grand Alliance.

Battle Report – Rangers of Shadowdeep ‘The Beacon Tower III’

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The host of Kobolds occupying Tor Varden and their insidious Shaman overlord have been slain. The vengeful Rangers continue to cut their way to the top of the tower, led on by the fait cries of someone left alive… but what they will find there will change the face of Alladore forever.

A Song of Ice and Fire Battle Report – Ep 09 – ‘A Dance of Dragons’!

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House Stark led by Ned faces down his truant Bannerman Roose Bolton leading a motley array of other Northerners as Clarence and I try out ‘A Dance of Dragons’ at 40pts!

Widgets and Wonders Ep 136 – Necropolis Zone Gaming Mats and Terrain from!

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Check out the latest pre-painted terrain and matching neoprene Mat set from!

You can see it all here:


On the Paint Table – Idoneth Deepkin, The Drowned Earth and more! 21/886

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Check out what I painted this week and take a look at upcoming projects.

Battle Report – Infinity N3 – TAK vs. Op.Sub of SSS – ‘Looting and Sabotaging’!

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The TAK are back to take on Owen’s Op.Sub of SSS in ITSX Looting and Sabotaging!

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