Battle Report – Company of Iron – Khador vs Mercenaries ‘Run the Jewels’!

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Time to Run the Jewels! Evan is back with his Khador to face my Mercenaries in this 20pt game of Privateer Press’ Company of Iron!

Check out the rules


Widgets and Wonders Ep 106 – Double-Sided Gaming Mats from Hot Dice Miniatures

•February 11, 2018 • Leave a Comment


Travis from Hot Dice Miniatures has sent along his three new 6×4′ double-sided Neoprene gaming mats for you to check out. For all you fellow Canadian Gamers this gives you a mat option without Customs and Duties! Check below for links to…

Hot Dice on Facebook:

Hot Dice Gaming Mats:

On the Paint Table – Hero Quest, Fallout, Infinity Steel Phalanx and TWD!

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If you want to grab a T-Shirt for the drive to pre-order Fallout: you can nab them HERE:

Battle Report – Infinity N3 – USARF vs. Steel Phalanx

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The USARF takes on the Hector and the Steel Phalanx in this Mid-Tier game of Firefight from ITS Season 9!

Battle Report – Warhammer Skirmish – Throwback Thursdays EP 126

•February 8, 2018 • Leave a Comment

The 6th Edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle game jam-packed with a ton of additional peripherals and game play add-ons that are somewhat forgotten to the sands of time. Today Chris and I take a look at one of the greatest alternate play-styles for one of the greatest editions of Warhammer ever made; 6th Edition.

Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Daemons of Khorne vs. Stormcast

•February 7, 2018 • Leave a Comment


Andy brings his Daemons of Chaos to face my Stormcast Eternals using the Open War card system from the 2017 General’s Handbook!

Battle Report – Gaslands – Arena of Death!

•February 6, 2018 • Leave a Comment


Jay brings Team Slime to face Team Idris in the Arena of Death!

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