Match Report – Blood Bowl – Throwback Thursdays Ep 57!


Owen and I dust off our Blood Bowl teams for a 1m Gold Crown exhibition match between my Lizardmen and his Humans on the beautiful new Resin pitch by Castle Arts!

Check out the pitch and all its accessoriesat Castle Arts new e-commerce site HERE:



~ by Achilles on July 14, 2016.

One Response to “Match Report – Blood Bowl – Throwback Thursdays Ep 57!”

  1. can’t quote page-numbers right now, but i’m 99% sure on following rule-mistakes:
    – you are restricted to a single team-reroll per turn
    – you are restricted to a single reroll (either skill- OR team-reroll per action, e.g. per dodge or pick-up etc.)

    so you could do dodge out (dodge-reroll), pickup (team-reroll), go for it (no more rerolls (unless you have fleet of foot (sprint?))
    normally not nitpicking on rules, but i think these are pretty huge in regards to balance and potential outcome…

    and as i’m allready commenting:
    you allways move pieces on push/defender stumbles/pow, if all three spaces are occupied, the occupying model gets pushed.
    only exception/special cases are:
    – defender has stand firm (no movement)
    – defender has sidestep (has to choose a free square adjacent to defender)
    – attacker has grab (chose square adjacent to attacker)
    – 1+ of the pushing-to squares is outside the pitch, defender gets pushed out of bounds (“surfed”) treat as pow and defender gets moved to substitute (unless injured), no SPP for attacker on injury though

    also i think you didn’t roll for kick-off-event on human turn8 and 2nd half

    besides the nitpicking i love you seeing playing some moree Blood Bowl, ii’d love to see more of those

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