Battle Report – Infinity – Operation: Flamestrike – Week 5 – International Incident

Uneasy alliances are the easiest to break. The Narooma Advanced Medical Facility was the site of information sharing which 0-12 had brokered with their only alien allies; the Tohaa. The Tohaa know they can never be free of the EI without humanity’s help. Their only bargaining chip is their knowledge and 0-12 has happily forced their hand in putting it on the table.

Yu Jing has never let interstellar politics stop them from gaining the upper hand however. Haqqislam’s control of advanced medical techniques and bio-engineering is something long coveted by the Imperial Court. A Black-Ops incursion into the Tohaa held facility could shift the power in the Human Sphere should it succeed.

Left with little choice but to fire on their allies, the Tohaa garrison finds itself in the worst possible position their is; surrounded in hostile territory with nowhere to run. The dry air hums with anticipation as the two forces advance on each other and the facility comes under siege. Will the Tohaa drive off the Yu Jing Interlopers or will the Human Sphere see a new age of Yu Jing dominance in Medicine and Bio Technology?”



~ by Achilles on April 1, 2016.

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