Battle Report – Infinity N3 – Operation: Flamestrike Week 3

Camp Antella is supposed to be the site of integration into the Human Sphere for Ariadna. “Come to Antella” they said.

“Learn all the Human Sphere has to offer you.”

For the Kazaks and USAriadnan joint-task-force stationed there, it was becoming more and more obvious that they should have just stayed home. Three days in, their 0-12 Adjutant became distracted by reports of attacks in the surrounding island area. Police actions began to take place all over the island.

The worst were the post-humans. They looked like people, but they acted like machines. Their perfect hair, skin and eyes. Their superior manner and the way they eyed the Ariadnan equipment as though someone had left a garbage pile near them. Discontent began to spread through camp.

Then prisoners began to get moved through the area. Yu Jing, Pan O…. Haqqislam. The 0-12 forces appeared to be arresting people of all backgrounds all over the island as infighting broke out.

It was only a matter of time before they slipped up and moved Ariadnan prisoners through the camp. It was as if the Post Human forces couldn’t tell one human from another.

The Ariadnans new about bad government. They knew about ‘Camps’ turning into prisons.

Those Post-Humans wouldn’t do that here.

They had been told the Cube technology made the Aleph forces functionally immortal.

Time to put that to the test.

Check it out on WarConsole as well!


~ by Achilles on March 18, 2016.

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