2015: A Hobby Year in Review

“On old long syne my Jo,
On old long syne,
That thou canst never once reflect,
On old long syne.”

Another one on the books. When I wrote 2014 in review I thought I’d had an intense year. I changed jobs, moved countries, discovered the internets fascination with video media.

2015 proved to be no less intense. My family expanded from three to four with the birth of my son. I left my job and decided to strike out on my own. I created a co-operative workspace. I decided to start producing my own media.

And I discovered that in doing so I’d have to paint a whole lot of miniatures.

These were my resolutions from January 5th of 2015.

  • Increase my personal miniature painting up to 1 miniature every 2 days (from 168 to 183).
  • Buy 50% less miniatures than I paint.
  • Play more games.

That seemed pretty ambitious at the time.

Here’s how I did.

  • I painted 1.12 miniatures/models per day in 2015 (I included scenery). 410 models Total. 

    Here is a detailed list.

    Frostgrave: Enchanter, Sigilist, 3 Apprentices, 2 Knights, 1 Thief, 2 Thugs, Archer, Crossbowman, Barbarian, Templar, Marksman, Treasure Hunter, 3 Constructs,
    Frostgrave Monsters: Genie, Giant Wyrm, 10 Skeletons, 3 Wraiths, Bear, 5 Ghouls, 6 Pig Barbarians,
    Horus Heresy: AL Veteran Tactical Squad (10), Tartarus Terminators (5), AL Contemptors (3), Praetor (plastic), AL Plastic Veteran Tactical Squad (10), AL Headhunter Kill Team (10), Recon Team (5), Master of Signals,
    Road/Kill: 2 Spartans, 1 Viking, 6 Scenery Bits
    Lord of the Rings: Uruk Hai Berserkers (9), Uruk Hai Crossbows (5), Uruk Hai with Shields (2), Uruk Hai Standard, Saruman, Grima, Vrasku
    Halo Fleet Battles: 1 Epoch, 4 Marathons, 9 Paris Class Squadrons,
    Mordheim: Cult of the Possessed Warband (5)
    Warhammer 40k: 1 Thunderwolf Lord,
    Warhammer: 3 Gyrocopters, Reikswatch Warband (12), Heralds of Glott Warband (14),
    Malifaux: Lucius, Captain Dachel, 2 Guild Lawyers, 2 Guild Guards, 1 Scribe, Jacob Lynch, Hungering Darkness, 3 Illuminated, Mr Graves, Mr Tannen, 3 Depleted, 3 Waldgeists, Lillith, Malifaux Cherub, 3 Terror Tots, 2 Beckoners, Doppleganger, 2 Stitched Together, Angel Eyes, Scion of Black Blood, 2 Blood Wretches, Von Schill, Hannah, Bishop, Strongarm, 2 Friedkorp, Friedkorp Trapper, Steam Trunk, Friedkorp Librarian,
    Infinity: 3 Line Kazaks, 1 Kazak FO, 2 Kazak Spetznaz, 1 Dozer, 1 Vet Kazak APHMG, 3 Zhanshi’s, 1 Celestial Guard, 2 Zuyong Invincibles, Shang-Ji, Hsien HMG, 2 Tiger Soldiers, Shaolin Monk, Gui Lang FO, Zhanshi Yisheng and Hacker, Wu Ming Boarding Shotgun, 3 Fusiliers, Croc Man Sniper, Akalis, Nisses Sniper, 2 Dog Faces (4 Models), Spetznaz HMG, 2 USAR Grunts, Foxtrot, Marauder, Dozer, 2 HVTs, Isobel Macgregor, 112, TankHunter Autocannon, 2 Squalos, Fusilier Hacker, Fusilier Missile Launcher, CSU,
    Battlefleet Gothic: 1 Imperial Battleship, 6 Imperial Cruiser, 2 Imperial Light Cruisers, 7 Imperial Escorts, 7 Chaos Cruisers, 1 Chaos Battleship, 6 Chaos Escorts,
    This is Not a Test (Fallout): Peacekeeper Warband (8), 3 Giant Rats, Giant Rattler, Giant Scorpion,
    Dark Age: St John, 2 Haniel, 2 Banes, 2 Firestorms, 1 Weaponsmith, 1 Field Medic, 2 Ravages, 2 Coils,
    Age of Sigmar: Lord-Celestant on Dracoth, Lord-Relictor, 16 Liberators, 3 Retributors, 3 Prosecutors, 4 Ironguts
    Scenery: 3 SML Cargo Containers, SML Objective Building, 4 Piasa Shipping Containers, 9 Bolt Action Ruined Buildings, 1 Renedra Ramshackle Barn, 1 Bolt Action MDF ruined Townhouser, 3 Antenocetis’ Workshop Billboards, 8 ‘Crate Piles’ from MAS, 3 Micro Art Studios Acrylic Sign Boards, 2 Antenoceti’s Workshop Cars, Frostgrave Ruins (2 Bridges, 2 Aquaducts, 6 Ruins, 2 Towers), TNT Rad Zones (5), TNT Ruins (4), TNT Scrap (4),TNT Truck Wrecks (2), TNT Vending Machines (4), FG Teleport Pads

  • Nope. Not even close. Don’t even get me started. 
    I brought a ton of new games in. I started a couple of new armies. These things happened. 
  • I played over 160 games between May and December since I started the CoOp.
    Not counting the games I played while I was at MWG, I recorded 160 games between June and December. Bananas.

So those are my stats. I painted a lot of models. I foresee that continuing as I create new content and bring new games to GMG. I’ve already got projects in the pipe that will likely keep me on track to a similar number this year.

As far as buying less than I paint… I don’t think that’s a realistic goal anymore. I can’t bring in new stuff to the channel without buying stuff. It’s unavoidable.

Finally, I’m going to shake up the games played thing. Number of games played is tied to GMG and recording. I need to measure something different I think.

I’ll be honest, the Hobby Resolutions Facebook group helped a lot. Keeping my blog up to date kept me honest and allowed me to keep a running tally of how I was doing all year long. Seeing the progress other people were making really spurred me on too.

You can join up and check out everyone’s progress HERE. 

So what are my resolutions for 2016?

  • Equal or beat last year’s painting total. That means painting 410 miniatures/models at a minimum. Basically, I need to continue to paint at least one model per day. 
  • Play at least 10 games for the first time this year. New games. Not old games I’m playing again. I want to bring 10 new games to GMG and that means building forces for and checking out 10 new systems. 

And that’s it.

How did you all do in 2015? What will you shoot for in 2016?


~ by Achilles on January 1, 2016.

7 Responses to “2015: A Hobby Year in Review”

  1. I painted 8 models this year. Well done on the output man, that’s impressive!

  2. Great output – I’ll check out the Facebook group too. Keep up the great work bud…

  3. I think I’ll add a gmg hoodie to go with my shirt from 2015. also, i want to field completely painted armies. quite a few of the guys in the local meta field beautifully painted armies and it just makes for a more enjoyable experience overall. Best of luck in 2016, Ash! I’ll be watching 🙂

  4. […] Check out Ash’s blog for his Hobby Year in Review: https://guerrillaminiaturegames.wordpress.com/2016/01/01/2015-a-hobby-year-in-review/ […]

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