GMG Exclusive Infinity N3 Preview – Father Knight Spitfire

The Father Knight is one of the single hardest models in the Pan Oceania arsenal. Whether AVA 2 in a basic force or AVA 3 in Military Orders, this ARM 5, BTS 9 model can take everything that can be dished out at him.

Available for the first time as an individual model, the Father Knight Spitfire will get a lot of work done in any Pan O force!

“Father-Knights are one of the most prominent staples of the PanOceanian forces, always leading the charge – whether surrounded by the regular army or their own Military Orders. Each an ordained priest, they have received intensive combat training and are renowned as expert tactical support and close-quarters combatants. When deployed alongside regular forces, they provide PanOceanian soldiers with much-needed moral support. Father-Knights are shepherds of men, and they know how to lead troops into the fray. They look them in the eye and persuade them to go beat up the enemy because that is what God wants, because it is the right thing to do, and because it is their duty. And they do. With these warrior priests at the front of PanOceanian forces, victories are driven home and defeats turned into successes.”


~ by Achilles on December 10, 2015.

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