Games I Like – Infinity – Finished some Ariadna in prep for the Kazak Sectorial!

If you dig wayyyy back on this blog in the Infinity section you’ll see that some of these models are amongst the first posts I made on this blog, all the way back in 2009. The Kazaks are some of my favourite original models in the range and I love the updated ones as well.

With N3 and a Kazak sectorial army list on the way I finally got around to putting paint to them!


Left to right, Tank Hunter ADHL, Spetznaz, Tankhunter APHMG and a Veteran Kazak.


Again left to right, Dog Soldier and three Scouts.

Great figures. The basecoats and first highlight were airbrushed on with military greens, then the rest done by hand. I reprimed and started over on a couple of the models.

Excited for N3!


~ by Achilles on December 5, 2014.

6 Responses to “Games I Like – Infinity – Finished some Ariadna in prep for the Kazak Sectorial!”

  1. As much as I like the new dog warrior sculpts, I always loved that in the old one, the dogface is hauling both chain rifles.
    Great paint jobs!

    • Thanks man! I’ve had this fig forever and even though I powered through painting him I have to admit he as a ton of fun.

      I seriously need to find $100 in disposable cash though (or just panhandle maybe) to grab the new Dogfaces and Antipodes. I’m stoked to use all this in the new Kazak Sectorial!!!

  2. Have you got any paint tutorials lying around for your infinity stuff? They look great!

    • Sorry man.. I don’t. Any specific questions?

      • It’s cool 🙂

        How do you get such strong colors? Everything looks well blended and bold, like the greens look great!

        I love the overall look of them 🙂

        I managed to paint my aleph in a few days but I had to resort to drybrushing for the Tacbots and a basic paint job for the rest of the starter set. I don’t like playing with unpainted minis

      • The basecoats were all sprayed on with Militaire Airbrush paints. 🙂 Everything else is just brush highlighted up! I find starting with a strong colour (like the green) helps all the dark colours really pop.

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