Games I Like – Warmachine – Foodmachine 2014 Paint Bet

Never one to shy away from the massive mountain of unpainted models I’ve collected over the decades, I have entered into another Paint Bet.

This time, the Catalyst is the excellent Charity Tournament being held by Buffalo Press Ganger Adam Vogel. I will be attending it to do coverage with Kris and Steve from I’ll be interviewing players and shooting some videos of our games on location at the event.

As we were intending to bring some models and play with and do pick up games… and all of us have huge Warmachine Painting backlogs…. we thought it would be a great opportunity to take a big chunk out of it.

So with that in mind we set a point value (35pts) and looked to the lead-pile for what we could bodge together into lists.

Kris will be finishing his Highborn Covenant army led by Ashlynn.

Steve will be working on one of the 9 unpainted Cygnar casters and huge pile of Cygnar he’s still got left.

I unearthed my Old Witch and Scrapjack (a really fun denial caster who can decimate Infantry with Slaughter)

Her 35pts…

– War Dog
– The Behemoth

– Min Man O War Shocktroops
– Min Man O War Demolition Corps
– Min Kossite Woodsmen

– Man O War Drakhun with Dismount
– Yuri The Axe

Not the worlds greatest armylist… but a few fun things. Treerunning Kossites will be neat for threatening flanks when they arrive. Behemoth is always fantastic. Remember the only lists I’ll be going against are the Ashlyyn and Cyngar lists most likely so it’s not like I’m taking this to Warmachine Weekend. 😉

Here’s a quick peek at the models as of right now!

My 35pt Paint Bet at the start of its journey.

My 35pt Paint Bet at the start of its journey.

More as I get stuff painted! I’ve got until Nov 22nd!


~ by Achilles on October 20, 2014.

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