Games I Like – Infinity – Another MiniWarGaming Video Battle Report, Nomads vs. NeoTerra!

Here’s a Battle Report we shot on my Infinity Table a month or so ago. Hope you folks enjoy it!


~ by Achilles on October 2, 2014.

4 Responses to “Games I Like – Infinity – Another MiniWarGaming Video Battle Report, Nomads vs. NeoTerra!”

  1. Ash, seems like all the Nomads you had were Corregidor! Iguana, Geckos, and cats… any particular reason you chose not to use it as a Sectorial?

  2. They likely were. It was the studio’s selection of models (that’s basically all there is) so my composition was forced. I didn’t bother looking at the sectorials as I was more concerned with making a legal 300pt list out of what was available. 🙂

    • Cool cool. The only real difference would be access to a few mercenaries (Massacre, McMurroch) and link team for the Wildcats.

  3. I like the Iguanas and Geckos… but they’re just HI with a bigger base. They’re a cool idea (especially the Ejection system).. but in a game where LOS is king being the same stat-wise as a guy on a 25mm base with no points rebate is a bit silly. And seriously; a TAG with a +1 B Combi Rifle? Meh.

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