Games I Like – Pulp Alley – Found another nice, adaptable ruleset for Weird / Pulp / Sci Fi Skirmish

Yeah, yeah… I do this a lot. I compulsively buy rulebooks.

I spend a lot of time plinking around the Lead Adventure Forum. Frankly, any other discussion forums about miniatures scare me a bit. It’s full of lots of absolutely mad folks that paint miniatures they like, don’t worry about rules and are frankly some of the most talented people I’ve ever seen.

Recently I’ve been following a thread about Rogue Trader miniatures (you can read it HERE) by the very talented Cheetor (he also has a wonderful Blog you can follow HERE). In it he is using a generic set of ‘Pulp’ adventure rules to play games with his ever-growing collection of wonderful old Rogue Trader figures.

Pulp Alley

Perilous Island

I’d heard a bit about these rules as I was doing my Fallout research, seeing what rules people were using and whatnot. They were so highly recommended that I bit the bullet after Cheetor’s battle report and dropped the $19.98 for both the Main Rules and the Weird Adventures Expansion over on Wargames Vault.

Free Quickstart Rules

If you want to check them out for free however; there is a Quickstart set you can download at no cost… It contains everything but the list-building rules (the biggest strength) but should allow you to see what you’d be getting into.

I have a few basic boxes that need to be checked for me to be interested in trying out some rules;

1) Kitchen-table sized. I like to play games with a few nicely painted miniatures at home. I like rulesets built with that in mind.

2) Flexible. I’m a poly-miniaturist. I like all kindsa stuff and want to be able to use it in my games.

3) Open-Ended. I want somewhere to start where I can easily slot in my own ideas.

So far… these rules check all the boxes.

1) All of the provided scenarios take place on a 3×3′ table. This is the PERFECT table size in my mind for a good dust-up between 5-10 combatants. They include lots of rules for objective (narrative) elements and won’t take a dogs age to play (avg. Game Time seems 45mins-1hr).

2) The build-out list for Leagues is brilliant. Basically, you have a points-free system of ‘slots’ (a lot like the AE series for games like AE: Bounty) which you complete by adding Sidekicks, Allies and Followers to your free Leader. You can also spend them adding League ‘Perks’ (special rules for the whole team) or extra abilities for your models. Basically think of the ‘Slots’ as a vat of resources you can deploy changing and adapting the team to fit your model collection and vision for your team. Then there is how Equipment and Abilities are handled. Wisely, they have opted for ‘archetypes’ over individual entries. Want a firearm? Build the one you want. Want a piece of equipment? Pick the effect you’re going for. This means you aren’t hamstrung by the rules so much as enabled to create what you want from them.

3) As I mentioned above, the rules are laid out in ‘chunks’ of abilities and perks that you can use to customize your League. This makes it REALLY easy to add your own. Want to build Space Marines? A ‘Know no Fear’ or ‘Infected’ perk could easily allow you to customize your whole team to be Space Marines or Zombies. Abilities like ‘Astartes’ could be added to reflect the super-human build of the model. All in all there’s lots of room to grow the rules however you want.

So caveat emptor.. I haven’t had more than a read through (I will of course need willing volunteers to gain an opinion), but so far I really like what I see. Lots of glowing testimonials from people all over who have very similar tastes in hobby to myself doesn’t hurt my case and nothing’s lost by checking out the free quickstart.

More on this as I gain more experience with it.


~ by Achilles on April 10, 2014.

3 Responses to “Games I Like – Pulp Alley – Found another nice, adaptable ruleset for Weird / Pulp / Sci Fi Skirmish”

  1. Ash Baker. Long time. You may not remember me. It’s KrisDin from the Dream Pod 9 forums. I was just browsing for pictures and I came across your blog. I’ll be adding your link to my own blog here:

    Here’s hoping to see you around the DP9 forums or elsewheres sometime. If you need to find me, just look up my blog, my Google+ profile or my Facebook profile. God bless!

    • I do remember you! Haven’t been over to DP9 much since my move to Tennessee (no players there) but I’m back in Ontario again so hopefully I’ll find some!

      • I’m actually already working on several pictures. 🙂 I hope you noticed that the RPG is going to be coming back. Arkrite Press LLC (i.e. Jason Dickerson and Greg Perkins) are restarting the Heavy Gear Universe. You can find the link here:

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