Games I Like – Victory Decision: Future Combat – Dusting off some long-ago painted UNA miniatures

I always like to buy and read indie rulesets. There are a ton of games out there that go unplayed by the masses that can fit nearly any collection of miniatures.

I had read Agis Neugebauer’s work on World at War, the ancestor of Starship Troopers and Battlefield Evolution. I had also purchased the Victory Condition WWII and Gear Krieg books. Much like the games they are descended from they offer a streamlined game system that focuses more on reacting to your enemy than super-units that battle through all comers. On a whim I picked them up yesterday from Wargames Vault. I had happened to be going through my stacks of painted model carrying cases the same day and come across my AT-UNA repaints. A quick cruise through and putting two and two together I realized I already had a painted army for this game!


I painted this army almost five years ago and it has never seen the gaming table. After downloading Agis’ ruleset yesteday I was pleased to see I could convert this collection of models almost seamlessly into VC-Future Combat.

A bit of quick math has informed me I have several thousand poins worth of models painted. Now I just need to find an OpFor to set up some games against! Anyone know a good supply of Confrontation/At43 bases so I can match whatever figs I end up using?

Setting up my light box I snapped some photos. Here are the UNA 6th Infantry Battallion – Argo Company, Force Recon ‘The Dark Stars’

The storied history of the Dark Stars reaches back to the first encounters with the massive planet-ships of the precursor race known as the Therians. The 6th Battalion’s A Company has long been trained in forward deployment and ‘tip of the spear’ tactics. Infiltration and the use of silenced solid-round weaponry is standard for all members of this handpicked section of the 6th.

The details of their battle-record would make even the veterans of other units skeptical as to their veracity, but they have returned time and again from near suicidal deployments. Questions on how they survive might arise… if those records were not sealed with the highest possible security protocols.


Captain Bryce Sweren – C/O MCS Command Section



1st Squad MCS Infantry Squad with Medic, EW Specialist, 2 x Laser Assault Weapons



2nd Squad MCS Infantry Squad with Medic, Guided AT Missile Launcher, Light Chain Gun



3rd Squad – Forward Section MCS Infantry Squad with Medic, Spotter, Flamethrower, Infiltration


4th Squad – TacArms Hardshell Power Suit Squad with Advanced Targetting and Laser Assault Weapons


Light Armour Recon Section – Medium Walkers with Light Laser Cannons, Enhanced Mobility


Mobile Support Section – Heavy Walker with Heavy Guided Rocket Pack, Auto Cannon

ViDe-FuCO (Quite the short code!) has rules for Jump Troops and other units so I will try to scrounge up a bargain bin set of Wing or Shock Troopers for the UNA as well as some DeathDealer Tac Arms. I’ve already found where I can still buy the resin kit for the Fire Industries Fire Wasp light jeep.

Lastly I’ve cobbled together the colour scheme I used on these figures. Lots of older paints but I think I can find enough that I will be able to duplicate what I have done five years ago!

Anyhow, hopefully I can build a suitable OpFor in the near future and give the game a go!


~ by Achilles on December 29, 2013.

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