Games I Like – M.E.S.T – Stumbled on these free Skirmish rules!


I’m always on the lookout for fun looking home-made Miniature game systems. I’m a big proponent that people should play with the miniatures they like, how they like. It was a reason I liked Secrets of the Third Reich for Weird War games and AE-Bounty for Sci Fi games. The rules were designed to flex around the kind of game you WANTED to play.

So I was scrolling back through old posts on the wonderful Lead Adventure Forum, quite possibly the most talented and wonderful international Miniature community on the internet (and certainly the one I ‘fit’ with the best) and found a thread by Aggro84 on his excellent Post Apocalyptic table and miniature collection. When he finally got the project done he provided a battle report and link to a friend’s home made game system which I then went and checked out.

What a wonderful find!

M.E.S.T (Matter, Energy, Space, Time) is a wonderfully intuitive and open ended system for Skirmish wargaming. It works on a fairly fluid system of model archetypes for everything from a model with a firearm, to a close combat fighter to a large monster. It provides everything from ancient to modern weapons and armour and a simple action an order system that gives you lots of freedom on the table.

Scenarios are also provided to give you a starting off point for your games.

Have a look for yourself. Lots of resources are provided. I think these will be the rules I use when I start painting my Fallout models in the new year! Lots of example warbands are presented and one of them has Vault Dwellers and crazy robots. I think this system will be perfect.


~ by Achilles on December 22, 2012.

8 Responses to “Games I Like – M.E.S.T – Stumbled on these free Skirmish rules!”

  1. Achilles, I’ve made an entry on my blog to mention your article.


  2. Achilles, I’ve updated the PDF for the MEST dice stickers to be nicer looking. See

  3. Are you still in the Memphis area? I recently moved to the area and would like to get into gaming.

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