Games I Like – Necromunda – Project Hired Guns Part Two

Well with my last Orlock still finding his way through the underhive Ive been painting a couple other Necromunda figures for the collection. This time, it is the 1990’s Underhive Scum miniatures, fresh from the bars and gambling holes of Dust Falls to my paint table.


The group in all their glory. Interestingly, these figures all appear to be outcasts from the four main males gangs. I’ll explain more as I go along.


The first scummer, who I call ‘Nathan’, is clearly a former member of the Goliaths. Cut loose or maybe just sick of all the steroid abuse, he’s on his own armed with a deadly pair of pistols (he kept the chains though!). Another great flat-cast Perry fig, this guy isactually quite dynamic considering his 2D style.


Scummer 2 I call ‘Pickles’, and he is clearly an ex VanSaar ganger with his trademark patched Still-Suit and goatee. He’s an interesting choice for 15 creds as he can give a starting gang a Hand Flamer, which was quite deadly in the old rules with Fire!


This one I call ‘Drifter’. Can’t imagine why. He was most likely expelled from the House Delaque gangs for having hair. He’s a great figure, with a few oddites around the ears to make him flat cast with that collar on his coat up, but a lovely fig to paint nonetheless.


Last but not least is ‘Tubbs’. Obviously a former House Orlock ganger, I imagine he was expelled when he got so fat his vest wouldn’t close anymore. He is one of the only fat figures ever sculpted by the Perry’s for Necromunda (the Van Saar heavies being the others) and has a ton of character from his torn shirt to specky face.

These models were GREAT fun to paint. If you’re a Necromunda enthusiast or looking for extra figs for an Inquisitor warband and can get your hands on these, I highly recommend it!


~ by Achilles on December 6, 2011.

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