Games I Like – Necromunda – Project Orlock: Part Four

Its been a bit, mostly because I’ve been too lazy to take photographs, but here is the next installment in my 90’s Perry Orlock log.


This group represents all but one (!) Orlock Ganger (Autogun and Stubber… I’ll have him this week hopefully!) done by the Perrys during the original release of Necromunda.



‘Old Iron Eye’ is the alternate Gang Leader. Armed with a Meltagun (talk about overkill!), Laspistol and Chainsword, he would likely be my choice for initial leader due to his up close and personal proficiency. The Axe/Pistol/Bolter model is cheaper alternative… but not nearly as killy! Where the first model is grizzled, this guy is haughty. Straight-backed and imperious as he aims his Laspitol, this same pose would be later used on a Perry Commissar!


These two Juvies are much more dynamic than the ones I painted initially. One is armed armed with a club for a little more ‘Ooohmf’ in close quarters. 🙂 The other is actually firing his trusty laspistol, not waving it in the air!


Short a single figure (as I explained earlier), this group of Gangers is ready for action. The Lasgun model is pretty much a copy of the ‘at ease’ lasgun pose memorable in so many Imperial Guard models, but the other two are actually pretty unique!


This is the only Orlock kitted out completely for close combat. While he can’t initially be armed with a sword, that’s one of the first things any Gang Leader will head to the trading post to buy for him. He is almost exactly the metal equivalent of the pistol armed plastics as you’ll see later.


This Pick and Pistol armed figure has a ton of character. The roar on his face just screams brutality and the pose is another unique one amongst the Necromunda sculpts of the day.


Finally we come to my two examples of the plastics from the boxed set. I chose to equip them in ways unique to the gang. Another Shotgun model is very handy in any Necromunda game and the close quarters figure is armed with a Stubber (perhaps with dumdums?) in order to have some variation from his Autopistol counterpart.

As this project comes to a close I’m starting to assemble my next wave of figures to go with ‘King’… the four Necromunda Scummer models and a Wyrd or two!


~ by Achilles on November 28, 2011.

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