Games I Like – Necromunda – Project Orlock: Part Three

With the bulk of my gangers painted it was time to moved on to a somewhat under-explored concept in the 40k Universe… the disenfranchised inner city youth!

Juvies are the young, up and coming new blood in a Necromunda gang. These sculpts in the 90’s were some of the first times Citadel designers ever explored what it would be like to be a teenager in the Grim Darkness of the Far Future.

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The original Orlock gang had four Juves sculpted for it during this period. These two were the ones I originally managed to acquire and were included in the box with the rest of the 8 man gang. The term ‘Juve’ is lifted directly (like so much of Necromunda) from Judge Dredd. In this classic 2000AD series the Lawman is constantly clubbing ‘Juvies’, miscreant teenagers turned to a life of crime in the 80% unemployed world of Mega City One (Which Hive Primus on Necromunda is also clearly modeled after).

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The Juves are slight and somewhat shorter than the Gangers and Heavies and for the most part come armed with up close and personal pistols and knives. I don’t entirely know what the reasoning for this was, apart from them needing the advantage of the +2 to hit at close range due to their awful Ballistics Skill!

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Of the two, this one has always been my favorite, though I alway thought he should look far more excited to be about to fire a sub-machine-gun!

I have the two remaining Juves on their way here via an Ebay auction as this is written. I am however on the lookout for the HOLY GRAIL of Necromunda Orlocks, an unreleased Juve with a Lasgun.

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The only Orlock Necromunda Juve NOT sculpted by the Perry Twins and NOT armed with a pistol, this guy did not fit the design philosophy and was never released. Thanks to the Collecting Citadel Miniatures WIKI for the pic and this bit of info! EDIT: Read a comment below for more info on this odd miniature from the 90’s Orlock line.


~ by Achilles on September 10, 2011.

6 Responses to “Games I Like – Necromunda – Project Orlock: Part Three”

  1. “…and for the most part come armed with up close and personal pistols and knives. I don’t entirely know what the reasoning for this was…”

    Presumably because said weapons are cheaper than proper lasguns, autoguns, shotguns, etc. And as first-timers, the Juves are on a budget >.<

    • Good point! They do tend to price out at about 40 creds when they start off… Except of course if you’ve got a Settlement and they just seem to wander into the gang. 🙂

  2. In the original edition, Juves couldn’t be armed with basic weapons like lasguns and autoguns- only pistols and close combat weapons. The Grail fig would be illegal to use as a Juve, though it would be perfect for a Juve-turned-Ganger.

    Besides, spending more than 20 credits on a Juve’s weapons was a waste of creds anyway. The only exception was taking a gamble and giving them hand flamers- a fun surprise was a Delaque Juve whose first skill was Hip Shooting pulling a run-n-roast.

    I have no idea if this changed with the downloadable Living Rulebook though.

    • Absolutely true, which likely had plenty to do with it never being released (lots of models just end up not ‘fitting’ a certain rule and get waylaid. Some get the axe because they wouldn’t fit the blister pack, like the truly excellent unreleased Spyrer matriarch!

      I had the run and gun gang of outlander novices with Exterminator stub guns (badly converted) in the original outlanders Redemptionist list. It didn’t make a lot of friends. Lol

  3. The “Holy Grail” model you link to above is not a Perry sculpt, nor is it an “official” model in the sense that it was never intended for release. (I think it might be a Shane Hoyle sculpt…?).

    You see, every so often GW recruits a batch of new budding sculptors, and part of their training period with GW is to sculpt a wide variety of models (regardless of what’s “canon”), in order to best determine what model ranges they will be set to work on based on their strengths.

    Sometimes, they release some of those models in a variety of ways – if they are good enough, of course. Examples of this include Shane Hoyle’s Space Marine standard bearer, which was available through the Skullz promotion in the UK, or the Chaos cultists sculpted by Paul Muller (which were considered to be good enough for a limited-time general release!).

    The example above of the Orlock Juve above I beleive is just that – a training sculpt that was never intended for any release. Many of these training sculpts make use of standard weapons so that the sculptors better learn their proportions in relation to what they’re sculpting, and many of the training figures are also cast up so that the the trainees can see how their efforts work out in practice (it’s important as a sculptor to factor in what undercuts you can get away with, and which ones you can’t for example). Sometimes, these early efforts end up being “leaked” as a sculptor/employee gives a few away, or maybe even sells a couple on the QT – often once they have left GW, but not always.

    In some very rare examples, the unreleased models are personal projects that catch the eye of somebody at GW and go on to become limited editions, promotional models, etc. The old metal Thunderhawk for 40k is such an example.

    However, in the modern GW environment, I don’t think such personal staff projects have any leeway any more. Partly because of the move to Finecast and Plastic, and partly because GW want to keep a tighter control on such models (as they are valuable in their own way).

    Finally, note that my comments above don’t apply to *all* unreleased models! Just those that are training sculpts rather than mock-ups, pre-production figures or cancelled projects.

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