Games I Like – Necromunda – Sometimes you have to do it for the love..

Like all longtime hobbyists in miniature Wargaming, I occasionally struggle with bouts of burnout. At the end of a lengthy project I will sometimes find myself spinning my wheels, feeling uninspired or just a bit blasé about the whole endeavor of picking up a paintbrush and working on whatever’s next.

With my Six month project painting MERCS teams and working on their FAQ in a bit of a lull (I’ve painted all the current releases!) I found myself with a day off roughly a month ago and the itch to start a new project. As I’m wont to do I found myself sitting in the living room, a movie on Netflix (I believe it was my 785th viewing of Carpenters 1982 ‘The Thing’) wondering what I would work on next. I had a heap of Sedition Wars figures to assemble. My ever growing pile of Hasslefree Adventurers and studio miniatures Zombies were in need of priming and paint and my Warlord, Darkson and West Wind mish-mash of WWII and Weird figs were sitting unloved and unattended.

I spent a couple of hours plinking away on my iPad on various forums and Table Top Gaming News, trying to get inspired. Finally, it was actually while dinking around on Facebook chatting with my best friend back home that the inspiration suddenly hit and I (thanks goodness!) had purpose again.

Burnout is a weird phenomenon. All the started and long suffering projects I have still inspire me and I have great ideas for them, but I had forgotten the golden rule of gaming; sometimes you need to do it for the love.

The conversation I was having had to do with a campaign my friend was running back in Toronto. It was a hash-up he was writing of the Necromunda rules and stuff gleaned online to try to allow my old gaming group to basically play a campaign set in one of the Dan Abnett Inquistor books. He was very excited about it and we chatted for a while about the story, the hooks and of course, the models. This was when then lightbulb came on that it what I really needed was to work on something silly, something just for me and a something that would feed my hobby gene as a collector.

With the gentle hands of an antiquarian I strolled over to my bookshelves and dug for a bit, coming up with the 1999 Citadel miniatures catalogue. Anyone who collects figures will tell you that if you are a fan of Citadel figures from the 90s, this is the book for you. It is a complete compilation of pretty much every figure generally cast during at decade and it was with reverence that I opened up to the Necromunda section.

Necromunda will always have a special place in my gaming heart, probably to do with the age I was when it was first published. As an aficionado of Post Apocalyptia from the 80s and 90s this dark Gangland skirmish game was played to death by myself during it’s published era and some of my best gaming memories are from this game and that time. I think it is remembering something like that so fondly which is what put the spark in me almost instantly and I knew I had a project.

But of course…this was going to take some work. I have (had!) a ton of Necromunda miniatures from that era, but for the life of me some favorites were simply missing! My Delaques were quickly found, as were a few others, but the ones I was most jazzed about were the 90s era Perry twins Orlocks and Goliaths. They are just so iconic of this game and juxtapose so well, much like the Survivors and Lord Humongous’ biker gangs in Road Warrior. I had to have these!

Putting out an APB with my gaming friends came first. A few kindly souls back in Toronto first connected me with a few odds and ends. The Heavy Bolter Orlock, Shotgun and Lasgun Gangers were the first I found. Then it was off to Bartertown with a further plea for folks to dig deep into their Bitz boxes for Perry sculpted treasure.

As a last resort, I even went to scrounging EBay for the harder to find figures, but that has ended up costing me quite dearly. No matter, my cause is righteous and collecting bug engaged.

A month or so later I’ve actually put a fair dent into the phase 1 of the project – Orlocks. As a treat I’ve also been collecting the Bounty Hunters and Scummers to paint in between gangs to keep me energized.

As I type this I am finishing touching up photos of my Orlock project. Ten of the sixteen original metal figures are painted, based and done. One of my Bounty Hunters is complete and three figures sit in my travel painting case ready to be worked on (two aren’t metal… but I wanted them represented in the gang!). I have acquired all but two of the Ganger miniatures and the rest (a Leader with a Melta, one Ganger and two Juves) are winging their way here via EBay as I type.

If anyone has these two figures in a bitz box somewhere, let me know!

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Much more to come later today. I will end this impromptu essay with a bit of advise; when you are feeling the twangs of burnout there is a simple remedy… Do something not because you have to, but because you WANT to. I’ll likely never play a game with this gang, but I’ve loved these figures forever and they need to be a part of my collection. Do it for the love.


~ by Achilles on September 8, 2011.

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