Games I Like – Necromunda – Project Orlock: Part One

The 90s were a time of different conventions in the 41st millennium. Humans typically didn’t have man-portable heavy weapons… Instead lumbering wheeled carriages were used by Imperial Guard weapon teams to take their guns into battle.

In the lightless ruined domes of the under hive however, the leadership of the great Industrial houses fabricate underslung carried versions of some of my favorite guns. This gave 40k players years of fodder as alternate models for people to include in their armies and are by far some of the nicest Perry figures done for the 40k universe.

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Seen here are my completed Gang Leader and his selection of Heavies with a Heavy Stubber, Flamer and Heavy Bolter respectively. These figures are all based on Forgecraft resin bases to give the ruined industrial complex feel to the gang.

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This Gang Leader is the one which originally came in the Orlock boxed set. Like many of the ‘basic’ Gang leaders he is armed with a Boltgun, a weapon of status in Necromunda though notoriously finicky. His axe was originally a power axe in game terms, but I have given it a fairly ‘normal’ paint job so it can do double duty as a simple Axe as well.

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Like the above leader, this Heavy with Heavy Stubber also came in the original gang box of eight figures. The Heavy Stubber is the one gun available as a miniature to every single gang as during production it was made the ‘simple’ choice for support weapon in the game. The roar on his face makes me imagine him lowering the smoking barrel of his weapon, having just laid waste to band of rival Housers or perhaps a bunch of Plague zombies. Lovely figure and I love the theme of all the weapons on industrial chains that you can see across the gang.

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In game terms the Heavy Bolter is much like its little brother in that it is a powerful, if unreliable weapon. That being said, this model was a breath of fresh air in a time when Heavy Bolters were either on wheels or looked like massive pistols on the shoulders of Space Marines. It is this design with the bolt feed (actually from a Jes Goodwyn concept) that went on to become the standard sculpt for Space Marine heavy bolters during the 2000 re-launch of that entire line. I love this model from his thinning hair to the expression of strain as he hefts an even more massive weapon load than his much larger buddy with the Stubber! I imaging this guy as the salty older heavy to the brash youngster with the Stubber.

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Finally we have the Heavy with a Flamer. Heavies in Necromunda were also tasked with carrying the Gang’s ‘special’ weapons and a flame thrower counts as that! In a game of twisting cover and risky pot shots the flame thrower in a gang can give the advantage of a for-sure t on those entrenched rivals, making it a valuable weapon! I had a blast painting him and is male-pattern baldness was probably my favorite bit. I imagine this guy as the long suffering, grumbling and cantankerous heavy. He does not seem pleased with being the guy to cart around this highly dangerous weapon!

So there is instalment one. I still have a Leader model to paint once it arrives, but for the most part the classic figures for Leaders and Heavies are all done!


~ by Achilles on September 8, 2011.

4 Responses to “Games I Like – Necromunda – Project Orlock: Part One”

  1. Nice post! I’ve been collecting Escher gangers since the release of the game, living in the end of the world didn’t helped me getting the juves that came in a blister… I stripped paint from them a long time ago and never painted them again… along with the classic Goliaths, Spyrers and random hired guns…

  2. Next time I end up in another hemisphere convention I plan to go and check the used bins to hunt for the minis I’m missing…

    • I really need to thank the good folks over at Bartertown for their help on this. TheRogueTrader, Katz and TheGlen and Shenlung to name a few!

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