Games I Like – AE Bounty – Finished the leader of my Mercs

Alrighty! Found some time to do some painting!

So now that I’ve had a chance to sit and do some brushwork I’ve actually got progress to report on my AE Bounty Mercenary Crew.

What I’m building for is a Veteran Merc Crew. The loadout is as follows;

Sasha Barrett (Human, Hunter X, Sergeant) with Slugthrower rifle, Slugthrower Pistol, AP Rounds and Marksman Heroic trait. – Veteran Choice

‘Blackjack’ Mckinley and Blair Tennyson (Human, Hunter X, Old Guard) with Slugthrower Rifles and Fragmentation Grenades. – Veteran Choice

Mick ‘Merciful’ Grady (Human, Hunter X, Heavy Hitter) with Heavy Rapid Fire Slug Thrower, Heavy Armoured Suit. – Regular Choice

‘Bijou’ Baer’zhu (Nikkar, Sniper) with Particle Beam Long Rifle, Cybernetic Arms, Cloaking Field. – Regular Choice

Sasha Barrett is the first finished member of my Merc crew.





I decided to go with a grey and orange scheme for Sasha. Her outfit issues a standard tactical garment so their operatives can identify each other on the battlefield. ‘Blackjack’ and Blair will both get similar schemes for their BDUs and vests. The piping gives it a bit of a sci-fi feel, breaking up the otherwise ‘Nam era attire these old VOID minis have (even the boonie hats!).

I went with a bit of that on the weapons as well to tech them up a bit.

Next up will be ‘Blackjack’ and Blair. Don’t know when I’ll be able to paint again… but any progress is better than no progress!


~ by Achilles on November 17, 2010.

One Response to “Games I Like – AE Bounty – Finished the leader of my Mercs”

  1. Keep up the great work. I’m glad you’re sharing on the Darkson forum as well.

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