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It has been really interesting moving from Toronto to Memphis.

Born and raised in Southern Ontario I’ve always been able to find and have access to the tabletop gaming hobby. No matter where I’ve lived or traveled to, there has always been a lot of accessibility to it. Tons of hobby shops, gaming clubs, university clubs, after-work clubs wherever I’ve been. Whether it’s traditional and Euro boardgames, collectible games, pen and paper games or miniature games it has always just sort of been around.

Not so in Memphis! My first few weeks here I’ve been actively searching out the local gaming scene here. It exists, but it isn’t super-accessible. It seems to still be locked in that early ‘those who know’ stage of a hobby community existence. Information on who’s playing what and where that I’ve been searching for has mostly been locked in Web groups (like Yahoo and Google) or on register-to-view forums where I can’t actually access any information without having to get verified, checked and then let through.

Now I have been blessed for many years by the presence of TABS in Toronto (The Toronto Area Boardgaming Society). I’ve met many folks through there and members would constantly have access to information as to the tabletop gaming comings and goings in the city. When I went on my search for gaming information in the GMA this is what I was really looking for, a hub or nexus of Gamers of all types that gave me this info.

Now I did manage to find THIS, the Memphis Gaming website. Sadly however, it appears to be abandoned as it hasn’t been updated since 2008. The calendar appears to still be functioning but may just be automated as those events all look the same month by month and may just be set to recur.

I’ve also found two other site; one for Boardgaming and another for Wargaming that appears to be primarily focused on Warhammer 40,000. I can’t speak to that for sure because I’ve been waiting for 10 days to get my account activated so I can actually access the forums.

So the gamers are out there… but there certainly isn’t a central meeting point. If I’ve been frustrated by this, well I can only imagine others are too. So being the noble White Knight that I am I’ve decided to go ahead and make this my pet-project.

I’ve gone ahead and started work on a website for Tabletop gamers of all types to connect and share their hobby. If you need to find gaming supplies locally or the place where folks hang out to play Boardgames, this will be the venue.

I’ve decided to call it the Memphis Tabletop Gaming Society or MTGS out of respect to my alma-mater in Toronto (may it connect as many hobbyists over time!). Already there are some folks on there sharing information about the local gaming scene in Memphis and I’ve done my best to add in what I’ve found for myself as well.

So whether you’re local to Memphis and have information others might find useful or new to the city and on the lookout for where to find a game or things to game with, head on over and join the discussion.

More to come on this subject.


~ by Achilles on October 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “General Hobby – Tabletop Gaming – The Memphis Tabletop Gaming Society”

  1. That sounds about right. Welcome to Memphis. Dung hole of the gaming world.

  2. Hey, Ideally we can help you to create a chapter in Memphis then. You could invite people to join your capter of Crossed Sabres Community and use our forums as a way to keep in touch and arrange games… we ll even supply you with your own guild’s forum!

    Send me an email and we can talk more man… hope we can help 🙂 (and no, theres no cost at all hehe)

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