Games I Like – MERCs – The Rulebook is now available online for download.

Well my local game shop has had the KemVar and CCC Yellowjackets on the wall for some time but I’ve been holding off on picking them up until I could have a gander at the rules (SO many miniatures to paint already!).

Yellow Jacket Assault Trooper

Since GenCon is the date for most big reveals, the folks at Mercs Miniatures have released the basic rules excerpt from their upcoming Rulebook as a free download for the public to check out their game.

NOTE The PDF of the rules has since been removed from the MERCs site, now that the full rulebook is available.

Having had a read through it I’m pretty confident I’ll be picking up the figures and playing this game.

Yellowjackets Assault Trooper Miniature

What I like;

– I’m a big proponent of the skirmish game. To take breaks between painting units of 20-50 models I really do enjoy sitting down and spending a good few hours lavishing detail on just a couple of models. MERCs has a model cap of 5 figures per side with no duplications from a list of 6. That means that your unit will always be a certain side and that the majority of the tactical choices will be made on the tabletop.

– I also love ‘Kitchen Table’ games. While I’m just as much a fan of huge sweeping battlefields I also enjoy the ability to pack up and put out games in a really short time frame and not need a dedicated gaming room. MERCs is played on a 2×3′ table with rules for dense and interactive scenery (I love the ability to ‘snap to cover’).

– I dig anything that creates unique gameplay. I picked up Malifaux based on my being intrigued with the concept of diceless miniature gaming. MERCs uses the stat-cards for each of the figures to measure movement and ranges, picking up and placing the figure from one end of the card to the other sort of like the Pirates collectible miniature game. It also uses D10s which gives the game slightly more ‘depth’ as modifiers can be a little more steep and numerous.

– Finally, I dig cyberpunk. The Mega Corporations of tomorrow running the world and sending their specialist security forces to fight covert wars fits my personal Sci-Fi likes perfectly. Certain contemporary publications that I love like the comic books DMZ or even Global Frequency both have some harmonious vibrations with the MERCs universe.

New York City in DMZ

So don’t put too much weight into what I’ve got to say right now; I haven’t actually played the game yet. That being said, if any of the criteria above push your particular gaming buttons then at least cruise through the book and give it a read. Who knows… it might be for you too.


~ by Achilles on August 15, 2010.

15 Responses to “Games I Like – MERCs – The Rulebook is now available online for download.”

  1. Nice review, and DMZ is a book I love too!

    • If you don’t have Global Frequency you should definitely pick it up. Awesome book!

      Acta non verba.

  2. Link to the rulebook is now down on the MERCs site. Email me if you didn’t get a chance to grab it!

  3. I would appreciate a copy of the rules if you wouldn’t mind emailing them to me. I am very interested in the game, but would like to check out the rules before getting to financially involved.


  4. Sent!

  5. I would really appreciate getting to see a copy of the rules if you don’t mind emailing them to me. My gaming friends and I have been playing Infinity, Anima Tactics and Pulp City of late. We’re really enjoying the small skirmish style games, I’d love to see what this game is like and bring it to our gaming group.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Gents, if your inbox has an attachment cap of 34mb or less I cannot send you the files. Sorry!

  6. Hi, I would really appreciate getting to see a copy of the rules if you don’t mind emailing them to me.
    With my friends we are players of Infinity, HellDorado and Confrontation. Now we are curious about MERCS.

    Thanks in advance

  7. Hi! Would you be so kind and send me the rulebook? Im quite interested in the game, but i haven’t found a store in Spain that has the book to see it before buying it!

  8. Same as above plis >.<

    • Guys; If you have hotmail; gmail or any other free mail services… I can’t send you an attachment that big; it will bounce back.

      At this point; I’m not emailing this out any more. Sorry.

  9. Thanks for the review. One of my buddies and i are really interested. If you are still willing, a copy of the quickstart rules would be awesome; it would make it easier for us to buy our armies/squads and get the full book later once we play a couple games. thanks again!

  10. Can you give us an overview of the factions to facilitate faction choice for players? just a simple thumbnail sketch or three?

    • No problem;

      I’ll do it as a new blog post. See my post below about the quick start. It cannot be emailed as it is too big, so I am not sending I out.

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