Games I Like – Warmachine – Added some more arms to my Modular Warjacks

Some of you may remember my Warmachine Painting Weekend a few months ago where I painted three of the new plastic Menoth Warjacks. My favorites in MkII are the Vanquisher and Templar, but I also wanted the ability to field the ultra-cheap Crusader which clocks in a 6pts.


What I ended up opting to do was painting an extra set of Crusader arms for the two Vanquishers. If you’re going to make a ‘cheap jack’ option… you’ll want more than one. I will likely end up painting the new ‘Character’ upgrade pack for Menoth’s plastic Jacks to go on the Templar.


I used 1/8th of an inch rare-earth Magnets (the source for which I still can’t recall… somewhere online). The results are a strong join that’s easily embedded in the wrists and weapon hands. I’m still very satisfied with the results!

I’m eyeing Reznik as my next painting project. More to come!


~ by Achilles on August 9, 2010.

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