Games I Like – Warmachine – Painted the Fire of Salvation and a Vassal Mechanic

Well, after a hobby hiatus I found myself with a few free hours to indulge myself so I put some paint on a couple of models I’ve owned for some time without getting finished.


The Fire of Salvation is a Character Heavy Warjack for Menoth; specifically tied to my favourite and first Warcaster Mikael Kreoss. Although 3pts more than a normal Crusader he does gain a respectable number of advantages…

1) His basic stats are increased. His MAT and SPD are both one higher than a normal Crusader.

2) If used with Kreoss he gains Dispel on his Absolver.

3) He gains Righteous Fury; allowing him to make additional Melee attacks each time he destroys an enemy model and Righteous Vengeance allowing him to move and do the same during the maintenance phase if a friendly faction model is destroyed within 5″.

I wasn’t sold on his high cost… but I’ve been meaning to try him out so I figure what the hell.


As I was painting a Heavy Warjack to go with the three others I’d finished (and have just painted optional Crusader arms for!) I decided to paint a Vassal Mekanic as well to keep them all running!

I’ve got Reznik, an Allegiant of the Fist, Dervish and Flameguard Attachment in the queue as well so you may see some more stuff soon.


~ by Achilles on August 8, 2010.

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