Games I Like – Anima Tactics – Painted my Grimorium

Unique to the faction I’m playing in Anima Tactics are Gears. Anima takes place almost a thousand years (990 to be precise) after an apocalypse which threatened to wipe out all life on the planet Gaia.

Gears are basically suits of powered armour that are part of what contemporaries on Gaia call the Lost Loggia (read; lost technology). There are three initially available to Wissenschaft; two of which currently have models.

The first (and lightest) is the Goethia. I didn’t initially buy this one for my force because I wasn’t a huge fan of the model. That being said; they are cheap and quite cool in the game so I might eventually pick it up regardless.

The second one released is the one I’ve painted, the Grimorium.



Compared to most models in Wissenschaft, the Grimorium is slow as hell and tough as nails. He also clocks one of the most insane number of Life Points in the game at 35. He has three possible pilots; a Leader, a Sniper and a Mechanic. The also cost 80, 70 and 60 Levels in that order… making the Grimorium one of the most expensive models in the game.

I’ll most likely use the Sniper more often than not. He has a decent action bar at 3/4 and makes the Grimorium into a highly durable weapon’s platform to protect the lighter-weight snipers in my army like Cordelia and Alessa.

The last Gear which is still currently unreleased is the Legacy of Solomon. It is the recovered Lost Loggia that the Goethia and Grimorium are both based on technologically… and with it’s Leader pilot clocks in as the most expensive model in the game.

The paint job is Vallejo Brass drybrushed with Vallejo Oily Steel and then washed with Citadel Ogryn Flesh and some odd areas with Leviathan Purple. It was highlighted with Game Colour Chainmail. The base is also broken cork and plastic I-beam. I used some Vallejo Emerald in the recesses to give him a ‘glowing from within’ look.

Overall I’m happy with him. I’ve got Goethia, Hiro, Veronica and Feng Yi and I’ll have the whole Wissenschaft Organization that has been released at this point.


~ by Achilles on May 2, 2010.

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