Games I Like – Anima Tactics – Errata and FAQ Created!

Hey folks,

The guys over on the Anima Tactics forums have rounded up all the rulings by Cipher Studios and Edge Entertainment staff and created an Errata Document. I’ve PDF’d it and posted it on Google Docs for ease of downloading and printing.

Some good stuff for clarity in here. Especially interesting for me were the clarifications on Samiel the Black Lion. I’ve got him built for my Empire team and it’s interesting to note that even when in his undying state, he can be pushed. This means he can’t lock someone in combat forever as they can simply knock him away and escape if he goes ghostly because of Damage.

Another interesting bit is the Transfer Rod no longer being a Reactive item. This means you have to COMMIT to who you give the action to during the model’s activation and can’t interrupt someone to give that vital dodge/etc. to someone. Check it out!


~ by Achilles on May 2, 2010.

3 Responses to “Games I Like – Anima Tactics – Errata and FAQ Created!”

  1. You wouldn’t happen to still have this errata sitting around would you?

    • It should still be available on the forums… I’ll search around and post a link for you.

  2. Huh; it looks like the Edge forums are now down? Dunno what’s going on with that. The Erratta I’ve posted on Google docs is still an active link though.

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