Games I Like – Anima Tactics – Dug out some stuff I’d never painted…

Well I recently picked up the Anima Tactics Rulebook Saga’s I and II. I’d originally picked up this ultra-skirmish miniature game by Edge Entertainment back in 2007 while out in Alberta and my gaming buddies and I had played it quite a bit for a month or two. Sadly, we were never able to find the figures locally… so our interest died and the miniatures have sat in a case ever since.

Luckily for them, Meeplemart has picked them up and is carrying both the figures and rulebook so some folks have started playing it and we’re taking a look at it again!

For those unfamiliar with Anima: Tactics… it’s basically a table-top version of Final Fantasy. Just like you would control a small group of characters in one of those Turn Based Combat JRPGs. You pit yourself against other small groups (typically 4-7 models) in a post-apocalyptic-anime style world of Magic, Demons, Technomancy and other classic Final Fantasy style archetypes.

The original game rulebooks came in the Starter Sets. It was a tiny baseball card-sized thing in the same vein as the original Confrontation rulebooks or current Eden rulebooks. It was comprehensive to whatever was released at that time and gave all the rules for play. Army construction was based on your Faction: either Light, Dark or Neutral models. Neutral models could be used by either faction or on their own as a sort of ‘Mercenary’ list… but it kept army construction pretty open.

Now the rulebook has added another way of constructing your lists: Organization. Every model, on top of being Light, Dark or Neutral either belongs to one of the five factions or is considered a Wanderer (basically a Mercenary). The Factions are the Empire (knights and military kinda folks), Church (guess… Inquisitors, clergy, saints), Sammael (Demons and other Supernatural stuff), the Azur Alliance (secret society of assassin types) and Wissenschaft (techno-magicians looking for technology from the fallen previous civilization).

I owned a ton of models from various factions already; but I liked the background for Wissenschaft the best. I decided to start painting some figures this week and here’s what I came up with!




This is ‘XII’ (12). He’s the leader of a strike-team working for Wissenschaft and game-wise he has a ‘team’ special card which can be used as a plot when he is included in an army with the two following characters. This allows them some special skills and also gives them the ability to advance deploy.



Lorenzo was painted in much the same palette as ‘XII’ in order to make them look cohesive. I painted his mechanical arm with a series of citadel washes and a thin glaze of turquoise to make it look lit from within.



Rayne is the evil-schoolgirl-assassin that forms the remainder of ‘XII’s assault team. I opted not to paint on knee-socks.




Alessa Raincross gives me some much-needed ranged ability. She’s also zippy fast. I painted her mechanical legs in a more ‘modern’ slate grey as opposed to the more ‘ancient’ feel of Lorenzo’s arm.




Celia is the cover-girl for the rulebook and an all around solid melee character. This is the non-limited-edition version of the model which I originally bought back in 2007. Lots of people paint her up as ‘the bride’ from Kill Bill. I went with something more conventional.



Cordelia is my other shooting model. She’s not exactly ‘attired’ for combat… but then she doesn’t need to get close with her upkeep-able Stealth ability which her special shooting attacks don’t require her to drop. I decided NOT to paint her pink like the studio model; instead I opted for a similar palette to the rest of my figures with some dark green and gunmetal.


Last but not least is my Wissenschaft Agent. Agents are available to all five factions an are the only models you can ‘customize’ with anything other than equipment. Their low cost in ‘Levels’ means they’re great for filling in the odd points at the end of an armylist once you’ve included all the figures you really like. Much like Rayne I went for a simple schoolgirl look and yes… no knee socks.

Bases are home-made with sand, putty, some broken cork and plastic I-Beam to give a ruined sort of industrial look. Flock is from Woodland Scenics.

Anyway; my starting 300 Level list (standard game size) will be…


This should give me a good mix of shooting and combat, as well as control of the board with 3 Advance Deployment models. Anima plays on a 3×4′ table (odd I know), so having speed and deployment advantage should mean something. Hopefully I’ll get to post more pictures once I get to play again!


~ by Achilles on April 24, 2010.

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