Games I like – Warmachine Mk II – No… I’m not dead; just busy!

Hey there folks in Wargames land… just checking in to let you all know I’m still alive and hobbying. I’m probably going to be relocating relatively soon for work… so I’m a busy lad!

While I’m taking the opportunity to hobby as much as I can, I’m mostly spending my energy right now on doing stuff so that I can actually hang out with my gaming buddies… so that means a lot of shelving pet projects and working on whatever they’re currently engaged in.

At this point, that means Warmachine MkII! Some of you may remember me playing a couple of games of it when the test rules came out. Now that the full rules are available I’ve grabbed my Faction Deck and worked out a few lists for my Menoth. That has also meant buying a couple of extra figs to build new units and make my army more ‘current’ in this format.


First was my Heirophant. I basically fell out of Warmachine around the time of Legends… so Warcaster Attachments aren’t something I’ve been using a lot of. This guy lets me heal my new favourite unit you’ll see below (Bastions!) as well as saving me some focus for my more starved casters if I need it.



Now you guys may also remember me building the new Bastions. Well I also managed to get some paint on them! These guys paired up with Kreoss or Severius get up to a whopping Defence 13 and Armour 18! I also can spread out an amazing 35 points of Damage before these lads take a casualty.. making them one of the most durable units in the game.





I’ve also painted three of the new plastic heavy Warjacks. I’ve decided to magnetize them to make them more portable and so that if I want, I can paint up the remaining arms and instead of having 2 Vanquishers and a Templar I can get some more use out of the Chassis! I really like the Templar for his Armour of 21 and Reach Circular Strike. The Vanquisher has gotten a range boost on his gun too, making him a ubiquitous choice for a Heavy Jack. The Crusaders will make a viable choice too though… 6pts for a Jack is hella cheap!


Last but not least is a Vassal. This guy can beef up my Warjacks for me on top of the Choir… really useful!

Paintjobs are all basically tabletop to get them on the board (this is Warmachine after all; 90% of my opponents have no paint on their armies whatsoever lol). Paints are all PP paints (I figure I own em, so I might as well!). Magnets are from my bitz box… I don’t remember where I got ’em.

So this is what I’ve been painting to take part in the local Warmachine Shattered Grounds league. Hopefully I’ll be able to post more in the near future!


~ by Achilles on April 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Games I like – Warmachine Mk II – No… I’m not dead; just busy!”

  1. I had wondered where you had gone. Good to see you back on the blog tip.

    Where will work be taking you?

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