Games I Like – Malifaux – TGN Battle Challenge #3

Well it’s that time once again; the readers of Table Top Gaming News have voted and the game that will be receiving three months of love this time around is Malifaux by Wyrd Miniatures. In a twist of fate, I’ve been tapped to organize this one. You can see the rules and timeline for the Battle Challenge HERE.

For myself, I’ve decided to start up a Resurrectionist force.

I got a deal on some unopened, second-hand starter sets which sets me up pretty well for the challenge. The models I’m now set up with are…





Mortimer the Gravedigger
Sebastian the Morgue Assistant
Madame Sybelle
Flesh Construct
2 Nurses
3 Rotten Bells
3 Punk Zombies



My goal will be to get through all these figures by the end of the challenge. I’ll likely get some Totems and Mindless Zombies to add to the abilities of my masters and to let them use the full range of their abilities.

Phase 1 is going to require me to complete a 20 Soulstone crew and play at least one game. First things first I’ll need to pick who I want to want leading my crew. With that in mind I’ve got the Mad Doctor, Mad Hatter or Undertaker.

For a small-crew game I’m currently leaning towards Seamus. He’s got the ability to turn slain enemies into more Rotten Belles and I just absolutely love his gun and the excessive bleeding trigger that can make a model Insignificant for the rest of the game (and thus unable to claim objectives). Couple that with his 3 actions per turn with Fast and you’ve got a zippy model that can get around and put out the hurt while reinforcing his numbers.

So for my opening 20 Soulstone list… here’s my plan.

Seamus (Master)
Madame Sybelle 6 SSs (will get the Belles where they need to be)
Mortimer, the Gravedigger 7 SSs (to Exhume Corpse Counters for me to raise and to Paralyze tough models)
Punk Zombie 5 SSs (more killy than Belles, he’ll end up raised back as a Belle when he dies… I’ll just suicide him into combat)

Soulstone Cache:4 Soulstones

I’ll also need to paint up my three Belles for their inclusion in-game. That gives me plenty to put on my painting list!

Painting list for Phase 1 – Due March 28th
-Punk Zombie
-3 Rotten Belles

I may cheat a bit and start assembling them now before the start date. I do want to do some scenic bases for them. I’ll hold off anything other than priming them to be fair of course, as I know most of you are still waiting to get some models!


~ by Achilles on February 22, 2010.

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