Games I Like – Malifaux – Meeplemart League Night Round 2

So last night was the Malifaux week of the Minimeets at Meeplemart (we alternate Infinity and Malifaux) and I got in a game against my buddy Chris and his newly painted Viktoria crew. As it was Chris’ first night playing we did a quick practice game before playing the actual league match.

You can check out our Henchman (official Wyrd Miniatures Demonstration Corps) Justin’s modified (not quite the Wyrd ones) League Rules on the Toronto Area Board Game’s Society Forums. Be warned however, as it’s a private Forum you will need to sign up if you want to check it out.

Once we’d ironed out the mechanics we played a full game.


    My 25 Soulstone Guild List was…

– Perdita (Master)
-Sammael Jenkins (8 Soulstones)
-Francisco Ortega (5 Soulstones)
-Witchling (4 Soulstones)
-Witchling (4 Soulstones)

Cache = 6 Soulstones

Chris’ 25 Soulstone Outcast list was…

-The Viktorias (Master)
-Taelor (8 Soulstones)
-Johann (6 Soulstones)
-Convict Gunslinger (5 Soulstones)

Cache = 6 Soulstones

We flipped Assassinate as our Strategy and I chose Eye to Eye as my first scheme and Bodyguard for Perdita as my second. Chris took Hold Ground and Thwart. Our deployment was diagonal with all models being placed within eight inches of the corner of the chosen side.

As this was only muy second game with Perdita I was a bit cautious. I used the Witchlings to pull out activations and see where the Outcasts would end up.


The Viktorias advanced on my right flank, towards Perdita as the primary mission was to kill her. But boy howdy is she tough with a large soulstone cache! Her high defense of eight also means that more often than not if you try to shoot her and miss, she gets a free shot back!

Sammael and a witchling held the left hand side and while the Witchling was eventually flattened by Taelor his explosion took the Gunslinger down to one wound. Sammy gunned down the slinger and continued to cover fire. The game ended when the second Viktorias made their move on my two remaining models, Perdita and Sammael and they gunned them down as they advance.

I had achieved Strategy (No enemy Masters left at the end of the game) and one of my Schemes (Bodyguard for Perdita). I had failed at Eye for an Eye as I had two models to Chris’ zero at game end.

Lessons learned; Perdita is VERY easy to use. She’s fast, has very straightforward triggers and can be used to defend very well with her Evasive of two and some high cards in your hand. You’re almost better off moving her into position to BE shot at so she can defend with ‘faster than you’ as her Trigger. She also benefits from a good cache as it lets you shrug damage that might get past your high defense.

Anyway, had fun and learned to play with a new Master. All that’s left now is to try out Lady Justice!


~ by Achilles on February 17, 2010.

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