Games I Like – Malifaux – Painted an Outcast and another Family model!

So I got to do a little more painting over a viewing of Dead Snow and Feast with a buddy of mine.

My first miniature that I completed was Francisco Ortega. Francisco is Perdita’s older brother and passed up being the head of the Ortega Clan in lieu of his younger sister’s ability. I painted him to look a bit haggard, the beat up older cowboy look.



In-game he’s a cheaper character, only a point more than a Witchling or Death Marshall at five Soulstones. He’s a great gunfighter and not bad with a sword either, making him an excellent all-rounder. His Companion ability allows him to activate after another family member within 6 inches, giving you some options for an ‘Alpha strike’ of multiple acting models.

My next figure was a Convict Gunslinger. I’ve loved his slouched non-chalance since I first saw him and wanted to make sure he was included in my ‘shooty’ Guild Lists.



I followed the scheme Wyrd used pretty closely as he’s a pretty simple figure. A bandolier, a couple guns and some prison-pants. Nothing special here.

He’s going to cost me 6 Soulstones to recruit as non-Outcast crews have to pay an extra stone to bring in a Mercenary. That being said, he’s efficient and add’s another ‘Faster than You’ model that you can pair with Perdita to really punish opponents who try to shoot back. He’s also Bulletproof which makes him very durable.

I’ve got to admit I’m slacking on painting my Death Marshalls. I’m just really not inspired to finish them… but I’ll soldier on and see if I can get them done. Between now and then I’ve also got Nino, Hammerstrike and Johann to get done (although Nino’s ankle has busted off completely due to a casting flaw and is going to need some substantial surgery to fix).

More to come! I may be playing Malifaux tomorrow night so perhaps some pictures of my new Zuzzy mat and scenery will be forthcoming as well.


~ by Achilles on February 10, 2010.

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