Games I Like – Infinity – Got to play two games on my new table!

Well, got to take the new table and scenery for a test-drive at Meeplemart last night.

I brought a 200pt Pan Oceania list which included the following…

Squalo Lieutenant
Croc Man
Trauma Doc

I squared off against a Combined Army force first off…

Charontid Lieutenant
Morat Paramedic
Daturazi with Chain Rifle
Daturazi with Chain Rifle

The mission was Escort. We had three counters which were all civilian models (rules in Human Sphere) forming their own Combat Group (so 3 Orders for them). When a enemy model gained Line of Site to them I had to flip the counter. Two of the three were dummies and one was the VIP the Combined Army were trying to assassinate. Set up for me was a twelve inch square in the middle of my table edge. Combine could set up anywhere in their half.


I used my Squalo as a spearhead, taking a ton of fire from the Charontid and being dropped to 2 wounds! I managed to wound the construct twice back but using the cover of Daturazi thrown smoke Steve managed to get into combat with his Monofilamental blade! I was sure the Armoured Cav model was done for but somehow I managed to beat the Charontid’s face to face Close Combat roll and put him down.

The Squalo then staggered forward covering the advance with the Croc Man.

The EI contruct teleported into the Malignos and finally managed to hunt down my VIP counter. He was put down but my plucky Trauma doc patched him up. As a final long-shot his Morat Para managed to put the VIP down again and the Malignos shot my Trauma Doc in the back! With only a single model left the Combined Army managed to achieve their mission with me mere yards from the table edge I needed to get my escort past.

Game 2 was against Yu JIng

Hsien with Multi RifleLieutenant
Shang Ji
Wu Ming with Boarding Shotgun
Yi Sheng Doctor


This one was Secure and Control with two objectives across the midline. Tim set up lines of Suppression Fire covering the centre lane. My Squalo blitzed through it putting down the Wu Ming and Shang Ji but being killed by criticals to the back by a Zhanshi I’d totally forgotten about!

The game turned into a slug match around the left objective with my wily Croc Man dropping mines to protect the one I was already controlling.


My plucky fusiliers managed to dislodge the rest of the Zhanshi’s and as a last minute gambit Tim decided to face the wrath of my last AP Mine that was pinning his Hsien in place (if he activated, it would blow up right on top of him!). Managing to survive the blast he shot my Croc Man down and was then finally put down by my circling Fusiliers from behind.

I bought some pre-painted Miniature Building Authority parking cones and porta-john last night… they totally make the table.

Overall, tons of fun! Going to do it again in two weeks!


~ by Achilles on February 10, 2010.

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