Games I Like – Eden – Post Nuclear Skirmish Gaming!

Well it looks like the French have done it to me again!

Anyone who’s known me for a good long time will likely remember my love-affair with Rackham (not, I should add, Rackham Entertainment) that went from 1998 when I first saw their figures until roughly 2006 when they discontinued their metal model line. I really dig skirmish games and love to paint a really nice set of just a few select figures. This has translated really well into more recent games such as Anima Tactics, Malifaux and Infinity for me… and for a short time into Warmachine/Hordes until they developed into more large-scale wargames.

So I’d been following a little company called Taban for the past few months as they released some really neat and clever looking post apocalyptic figures. As readers of past blogs will probably already be aware, I have something of a fascination with the end of the world in all its shades so these models were right up my alley. I finally took the plunge today and ordered all the faction starters from Taban directly as they’ve advertised free worldwide shipping for the release. Who can say no to that?

The other deciding factor was that Taban has posted a full colour PDF of the rulebook on their website as a free download. Having given it a quick read the mechanics (especially hit locations!) look really interesting and it was enough to make me give it a go.


So anyway, the first faction to catch my eye was the ISC. Robot Samurai wandering the world from a different age? Sign me up!


The Bamaka Clan are genetic experiments and human survivors who’ve lived on the surface and embraced tribalism while rejecting their former humanity.


The Matriarchy is exactly what it sounds like… a society dominated by women and led by four powerful leaders each embodying one of the horsemen of the Christian Apocalypse.


Finally the Jokers are insane criminals and raiders.

There are even rad-monsters that are on-table as NPCs which can effect the outcome of the game. I ordered a couple of these too.

Anyway, more about this when I get my minis in February (when they’re released!). Check it out if you like french-made skirmish games set in the irradiated wastelands of the near-future!


~ by Achilles on January 27, 2010.

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