Games I Like – Malifaux – Painted my Judge and Governor’s Proxy

Did a little more painting today; my Governor’s Proxy and The Judge for my Guild Crew in Malifaux.



The Governor’s Proxy is a Totem for any of my three Master’s. Totems are spirit constucts summoned to a Master from the beginning of the game. They have the Companion rule meaning they can activate at the same time as their master (in one activation). Each of the four Totems for each faction has the ability to cast one of the (1) Spells of their attached Masters. Three are only available to specific Masters and each faction has a single Totem available to them all.

The Proxy’s special ability is to add two to the Willpower of all friendly Guild models in Line of Site (the Governor’s watching!). The only downside is that if a model every fails a Morale duel in his LOS is his just straight up KILLED (no flips… just DEAD). Handy when fighting lots of Terrifying Models (the Ressurectionists) or when having to make lots of Willpower Duels (the Neverborn).

Mostly, I just really like the model. The face has a ton of character with his jowlyness and raised eyebrow. There’s a very similar model in the 40k Daemonhunters range that I bought for the exact same reason!


The Judge is one of Lady Justice’s entourage from her starter set. The Studio paint job has him in white with blond hair. I see the Judge more as the skinny Old Man, so I painted him as such, giving him horn rim glasses (with Simpson glasses eyes painted on) and a shock of white hair.

To contrast with Lady Justice all in white, her Marshals are going to be all in dark dusters, the Judge included.

So that leaves the trio of Death Marshals from her starter for me to paint and all my original purchase of Guild models are done. I picked up Perdita, Nino and Francisco to round out my Guild purchases and Taelor, Johan and the Convict Gunsliger to start adding some Outcasts.

Suggestions on what to paint next are welcome!


~ by Achilles on January 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Games I Like – Malifaux – Painted my Judge and Governor’s Proxy”

  1. Nice, is the Judge on a mirror or did you mount the 30mm base onto a 40mm base? Is that blood, leaves, rose petals, at his feet?

    • Thanks dude! I paint single figures just attached to the top of an old paint pot to keep me from handling it (gives you a large surface to hold on to). The stuff at his feet is blood, gloss coated for shine. It’s at a bit of a bad angle to see.

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