Games I Like – Malifaux – Painted my Lady Justice

So I recently got some second hand Guild miniatures from local gamer Fuzz from Hobby Kingdom. He’d kindly assembled and primed them already (with Grey primer… there’s something new!) and luckily for me using the same textured plasticard I’d used on my Executioner figure! Hats off to him for saving me some time.

So with my first game of Malifaux today I came home jazzed to work on my Guild force a bit more. Much like Warcasters in Warmachine it would seem the Master in a given Malifaux Crew will really shape how it plays, so I decided I wanted to paint another of the Guild Ladies to try out in my next game.


Lady Justice is the leader of the Death Marshall branch of the Guild in Malifaux. These lawmen are all trained in the Dark Arts of Necromancy so that they can understand it, but of course are forbidden from practicing it. I wanted to go for an homage to my favorite to one of my favorite old serial TV shows, Zatoichi the Blind Swordsmen.


She was done with white clothing as an offset for how I plan to do the Judge and Marshalls themselves (all in black). Hope you like her!


~ by Achilles on December 29, 2009.

3 Responses to “Games I Like – Malifaux – Painted my Lady Justice”

  1. Isn’t it a great game?
    I’ve played a half-dozen times and taught it a few too, and I’m loving it.
    Great table, very fitting.
    Looking forward to a game!

  2. Thanks dude. 🙂 Are you coming out on the 14th? If so we’ll throw down then.

  3. […] Previous: Games I Like – Malifaux – Painted my Lady Justice   […]

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