Games I Like – Malifaux – Cenotaph made some handy Reference Cards!

Cenotaph from the Wyrd Miniature forums has made some really cool reference cards in PDF to track strategies and schemes in Malifaux, as well as Special Events and Terrain Pieces.

You can download them from his post linked HERE.

Malifaux is kind of unique in that in addition to the the normal ‘randomly generate an objective’ mission system (Strategies) that you find in most miniature games you can also select Schemes. Schemes typically only have to be revealed to your opponent when you complete them to claim the Victory Points. These can include things like ‘Army of the Dead’ for the Ressurrectionists where you gain a Victory Point at the end of the game if you have more Undead models and Body parts in play than your opponent has surviving models. This is cool because you can design your army to be able to complete these ‘sub missions’

Special Events and Terrain Elements add a bit of spice to the battlefield. You generate these prior to deployment and they come into play immediately for Terrain and during the game for Events (like Dark Omens where all 13’s and 1’s you draw immediately reverse values for a turn). They can be pretty game changing if they happen at the wrong moment!

So thanks to Cenotaph ffor these! They’ll make setup and end-game in Malifaux a snap as I won’t be constantly flipping through my book looking stuff up. If you use them, make sure you log onto the Malifaux forums and thank him for his work.


~ by Achilles on December 28, 2009.

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