Games I Like – Malifaux – Another finished model and some WIP Guild Characters

Well once I get on a roll its hard for me to stop. I spent another evening painting tonight and put some paint on the rest of my 35 Soulstone Guild List for Malifaux.


Sonnia Criid is the first of the three Guild Masters that I decided to pick up. She’s the caster of the bunch, with Perdita Ortega being the shooter and Lady Justice being the close combat monster. Your master will (much like in Warmachine) dictate the overall playstyle of your crew. Sonnia for instance has a lot of offensive magic, some defensive magic and the ability to even create Witchling Stalkers!

Sonnia’s paint-job went a bit long because of some issues I’ve run into with my Vallejo’s. As some of them are six or seven years old they’ve settled and separated. This meant the initial basecoat on the clothing was a bit grainy and I had to work to blend up the colour. I’m relatively happy with the result but there’s some ‘bubbling’ of the washes in the recesses due to the reaction with the unmixed pigment.


I’ve also gotten a quality basecoat down on my Executioner. He’s the tank in the bunch… with the ability to make a final attack before death . The best part about him is that if his close combat attack removes a model from play he regains all lost wounds because of his ‘Love the Job’ ability! I’m really in love with this guy and will probably give him stripey-pirate-pants in tribute.

My typical modus-operendi when painting over a white primer is to block-in all the basic colours and then apply some glazes to give the colours some definition… then end with a highlight. Its how I painted the Witchlings and this is a pretty good example of the method post-glaze.


Last but not least is Sammael Hopkins. From all accounts he’s the Guild’s ‘Auto Include’ model in that his skills and abilities are good in all circumstances. You can see on this guy that I pretty much just splash on my block-painted basecoats before hitting them with some glazes/washes.

So there’s a good chance I’ll have my 35pts of Guild Crew finished tomorrow night! Hopefully once that’s done I’ll be in the mood to assemble my Neverborn crew and convince someone to try out the game with me.


~ by Achilles on December 10, 2009.

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