Games I Like – Malifaux – Finally started painting my Guild Crew!

Well with the cold weather comes more painting time and after having had my box of Malifaux minis arrive several months back from The Warstore, I figured it was high time to put some paint on them and actually try out this game.

I’ve been encouraged recently that I might actually get to play it. A buddy of mine has a Resurrectionist crew that he bought primarily because it had Zombie Prostitues in it (and who can blame him). I also made the wise move of ordering a starter for the Neverbord just to insure that I’d have a loaner force to play with if anyone was over and expressed and interest in checking it out. Finally, there seems to be some Malifaux gaming going on both at Duelling Grounds in Toronto (as I discovered through FACEBOOK) and at the ol’ Hobby Kingdom in Burlington.

Enthused by the prospect of getting to try out diceless gaming, I got to work cracking my rules and assembling a 35 Soul Stone starter force to play some games with.

What I came up with was…

Sonnia Criid (Master)
6 Witchling Stalkers (3×6 = 18 SSs)
The Executioner (9 SSs)
Sammael Hopkins (8 SSs)

TOTAL: 35 Soulstones

Like with most games, I started with the models I liked and worried about the rules later. The witchlings are awesome… something like the trolls from Phantasm crossed with Jawas from Star Wars. I decided to take a ton of them because not only do they act as bombs when they die, but Sonnia has a spell that if it kills a model transforms them into another Witchling! Awesome!

The Execution is just huge and cool. Sword fingered fat-man? Yes please.

And finally Sammael is actually just a badass. He’s a lawman that hunts evil mages with a bear-trap and pistol. And he’s got a cowboy hat. Killer.

So last night I got my six Witchlings painted and put a basecoat down on Sonnia.



And here, one by one are the Witchlings themselves. 🙂







All the models are based on as selection of Wyrd Miniatures metal scenic base inserts with the exception of the Executioner (I forgot to order a 40mm one for him cuz he’s a fatty). His base is done with a simple circle of textured plasticard cut to fit it.

You may also notice I decided to prime them white. I did this for no more complicated a reason then I hadn’t done it in awhile and after organizing all my paints the other day I wanted to see if I could paint them exclusively with my collection of Vallejo Model Colour to limit my pallette and on a different base colour than normal.

So I’ve just got to get my three characters done and I’m ready to play a game. Probably more to see tomorrow if I get some painting done tonight!



~ by Achilles on December 9, 2009.

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