General Hobby – New Laptop, new project, new favorite scenery building material!

Hey there Tabletop Gamers, I’m back after a dark few weeks on work-only internet and no laptop. I’d like to take a moment to lament the passing of my trusty old Dell Inspiron 9400. It traveled to many continents and had many an adventure with me and I’ll forever be grateful for its 17 inch screen for watching movies for free in various hotels I’ve had to stay in.

On that note, here’s some a quick look at my project I’ll be working on.


Last week I was in a local game store that sold AT43 models and I enquired about whether or not they had any of the scenery packs for sale (I love those containers!). The friendly shop-keep informed me that they were currently out of production, but that if I wanted I could buy any of the ones he had in his gaming space as he wasn’t seeing them get used much of late. Not one to skip and opportunity I bought all fifty-two that he had!

This mild act of insanity prompted me to get inspired to build a more ‘high-tech’ gaming table to go with these more glossy sci-fi gaming pieces. I haven’t played Infinity in several months and this will probably be the project that gets me to paint my neglected-but-built Yu Jing army.


The idea behind the table is that I will be able to re-arrange it into multiple configurations and put the road where I want it. Two by two foot sections are the easiest way to do this, and I have a clever plan to make this into more of a reality (more on this later!).

For materials I have been hearing a lot about foamed PVC from modellers on the Infinity Forum (particularly Antenociti) This stuff is durable like Plasticard but can be easily cut like Foamcore. You can also prime and spray it…and as my intention is to paint this table with an airbrush that will prove a big plus!


After some research I discovered this product is usually used for sign-making and is readily available from distributors of plastics all over North America. I finally settled on Piedmont Plastics as they have a location in Scarborough just outside Toronto (only about 20 minutes from home). After a call to their very pleasent sales staff I bought an eight by four foot sheet of Palight 3mm white foamed PVC. They were even nice enough to cut it into four two by four foot sheets in order to more easily transport it.


Other tools I used are as follows…

-Heavy hobby knife with replacement blades
-Large Cutting Mat
-Meter and half meter Steel Rulers
-Drafting Pencil
-Drywall Screen
-300 grit Sandpaper
-Superglue (no Plastic Glue for Foamed PVC)

…and with all that stuff at my disposal I got to work!


Always, always, always do a draft when making a table! Once that was done I started measuring and cutting the individual sections. The base was a simple twenty-four inch square. Two inches from the bottom I drew out the road section and cut divots into it to mark the seperations between the dropped concrete slabs. I also cut a small drain for a bit of detail.

Once done I began cutting the eight by twelve inch panels and the two by twelve inch sidewalks. Once cut I beveled the edges to round off the concrete slabs.


The great thing about foamed PVC is that even though its so easy to cut you can stand it to round off the edges! That done I also got a 1/12″ drill bit and put in some anchors on all the corners to put in a ltitle bit of detail.


Once done I carefully glued down all the tiles.


I also cut and glued in a bit of the drywall screen to make a grate in the storm drain.


And here’s the first finished tile-section!

More to come on this project when I next get time off to work on it. If you have any questions about the plans or materials hit me with a comment and I’ll help if I can.

Achilles Out!


~ by Achilles on December 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “General Hobby – New Laptop, new project, new favorite scenery building material!”

  1. Good to see this blog back in action!

    This terrain project looks pretty cool.

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