Games I Like – Malifaux by Wyrd Miniatures

Okay, well it’s been a while and there’s been not a whole lot of hobbying going on. Most of my hobby time has been spent just surfing Miniature news sites (like my favorite, TTGN), reading event coverage and checking out smaller, lesser known miniature game sites to try to find that next big thing that will enthrall and entertain me.

Now that doesn’t mean I’m being fickle (more, that I have some undiagnosed form of hobby attention deficit disorder). I’m still plugging away on my Armoured Infantry for Secrets of the Third Reich. My final models for my Yu Jing army have arrived (got me an Oniwaban and my Ninja Sniper) and are assembled and sitting in their case. I’m just looking for something NEW. I’m looking for something nobody’s heard of that is DIFFERENT. I own so many unpainted minis from so many games that use big giant armies and I just have the urge to do something not sci-fi.

So along came Malifaux with a cool wild-west looking set of models and an intriguing new system of ‘Cards instead of Dice’.

So I did some digging. Whenever I look at getting into a game the first thing I typically do is look to see if there’s a Forum. Now the nice thing about smaller miniature games is that their forums are usually filled with helpful optimists, as opposed to miserable misanthropes (this is a generalization… but I tend to find lots of help on forums with populations of only a couple hundred folks). With a quick search I came across a guy called NerdElemental (also a Privateer Press Ganger apparently) with some EXTREMELY helpful FAQs typed up.

I was able to wrap my head around the game pretty quick after that.

Malifaux (Wyrd Miniatures) is a skirmish scale game similarly sized to old Confrontation (3.5 or earlier), Mordheim or Anima Tactics (all great games). You start with a Master (read; Warcaster) from one of the factions and can then add models from that faction up to a certain number of ‘Soul Stones‘ (read; Points). Typical game sizes range from 25-35 Soul Stones.

Each faction has a number of masters. I’ve decided to order a Guild army and an Arcanists army; so I’ve got options of six different ‘Masters’ at the moment.

For the Guild I’ve ordered the Witch Hunters boxed set (I liked the models) but I can still use stuff like Death Marshals, etc. in my army if I want to. For Arcanists I’ve ordered the Woes but that doesn’t mean I can’t have zombies etc. either.

So I’m going to plug away at this game once I’ve got it, and post a more in depth report once I’ve tried out the game. I’ll strongly recommend reading the Primers on Factions and a Comparison to Warmachine by Nerdelemental on the forums if you want to learn more in the meantime.

Hopefully I’ll get some time to hobby in the near future. I’ve actually gotten in a few games I should be writing about shortly, but until then I hope this keeps you guys exploring the wide world of Table Top Games.

~ by Achilles on October 4, 2009.

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