General Hobby – Step By Step Custom Carrying Case – Infinity

Well after today’s musings on my Yu Jing project it occurred to me that I’d built something for my Pan Oceania army in Infinity and not shared it.

During the TGN Battle Challenge I played a number of games against Axhead from the TGN Talk forums. For the most part I used my old Chessex figure case that I had retrofitted with some GW and Battlefoam trays.

Now my Pan Oceania army has lots of models with little antennas and fiddly fins. Unfortunately for me, these do not transport well lying down. Now during the challenge we played a lot of games at The Hobby Kingdom in Burlington Ontario, where they sell Sabol Army Transports and Figure Foam. Axhead had picked up one of the two inch trays and during our second game was carrying his guys in to play in a cardboard box with one of the trays in the bottom.

As I jealously eyed his unbroken models and fixed some antennas with a handy bottle of super-glue it occurred to me that I could probably bodge something similar together so I headed over to the counter and picked up a couple of trays.

For the record, here’s what I used to make my custom Infinity Carrying Case.

– One 1″ Figure Foam Tray
– One 2″ Figure Foam Tray
– A roll of adhesive Magnetic Tape
– A pair of scissors
– Some Superglue
– A roll of Duct Tape (eh!?)

The idea behind this carrying case is that it is small, self contained and stores my Infinity minis standing up so their little fiddly bits stop breaking.

The Case closed….
…and open.

As a proud Canadian, duct tape is the building material of choice here. The two inch tray will form the ‘bottom’ of the case and will hold your figures. The one inch tray will form the ‘top’ and be cut out to fit taller models like your TAGs. First, make a ‘hinge’ by taping both the inside and outside of the two trays.

By taping it on both sides it should be strong enough to last pretty much forever. A couple drops of super glue on the corners of the tape will help this too.

Now you need to make sure that any tall miniatures have a ‘catch’ to fit into so they don’t rattle around.

I make sure to ‘pad’ the bottoms of some of the holes in the case so there’s a snug fit. My Dronbots sit flush with the top so they aren’t sliding around.

The final detail is to magnetize the top so that it stays closed. I use adhesive magnetic tape strips cut up to fit.


Use a bit of super-glue on the magnetic strips to make sure they stay down.

The strips will now hold the lid snugly shut.

Last but not least you wrap the case in duct-tape to reinforce it and help protect the foam of the trays from wear and tear. Mark the lid with the name of your favorite faction and you’re good-to-go! Not only can I store all my Infinity figs in these little custom cases but I’m no longer afraid of their fiddly bits getting busted off by laying them down.

Here’s my new case for my up and coming Yu Jing army. This should keep all those bits from busting off my Hsien!

Long story short- there’s no problem that cannot be solved with the proper application of Duct Tape.


~ by Achilles on August 28, 2009.

One Response to “General Hobby – Step By Step Custom Carrying Case – Infinity”

  1. This is awesome!

    Red Green would be proud.

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