Games I Like – Incursion – Finally got to play a game!

Well with work and life sadly getting in the way, I haven’t been able to find the time to do very much in the way of hobbying. Not to say I’ve gotten nothing done… but with all the projects I’ve got in the fire some of the stuff I’ve been posting about hasn’t really gotten much further forward. I’ve gotten a few odds and ends painted, and I’ve also pre-ordered a couple copies of the new Space Hulk from GW.

Now that very same day I happened to be up in Ottawa for work, where my man Axhead (Winner of the TGN Battle Challenge I might add!) is living. It was a good excuse to break out my Incursion set and inaugurate it with a couple of Rickard’s White. Good ol’ fashioned Zombie Nazi killing at its finest.

So we played through Mission 1 Recon (which I won!) and Mission 2 Incursion (I lost! Boo!).

Playing the game itself felt like meeting someone really familiar… making a bunch of assumptions about them and then feeling like an ass when none of these things were true.

So while the mechanics of the game are very much like Space Hulk of old, there are some really key differences.

The Board all set up for Mission 1: Recon. I’ve got a pair of APEs and Axhead is playing with 6RP worth of Zombies as the mission dictates.

Difference the first: Battle Cards. Battle Cards are almost like a game within a game. They represent buffs, debuffs and interrupts that both players can trump models with. They can also be ‘killed’ by spending Command Points (extra actions that can be used anywhere) by the players, but this means you cannot take extra moves or shots. Managing your Battle Cards is going to be key to the success of the mission.

The ‘Lucky’ 7th prepare to enter the tunnels under Gibraltar.

Difference the Second: There’s no Overwatch! The Reaction Fire rule has a really subtle difference, it occurs automatically provided you have no line of sight to the enemy. You cannot ‘buy’ it with Action Points and this can REALLY make things uncomfortable when facing waves of undead troops! You really have to manage where your APEs are at the end of the turn to make sure they aren’t facing an oncoming horde.

Because the APE has Zombies in view… he doesn’t get to go into Reaction Fire!

Difference the Third: Grenades! Unlike the Terminators in Space Hulk every single APE has the ability to clear a whole room of Zombies at once (as opposed to just the Heavy Flamer marine). You can even throw them over the heads of intervening Zeds to cause maximum havoc!

The amazing paint-jobs on these Zombies will not protect them, they’re about to get totally nuked by a frag grenade.

Difference the Fourth: They can shoot back! With SMGs and Harpoon guns at their disposal, the AXIS doesn’t just run at you and try to bite your face off. This was disconcerting the first time I watched and APE get gunned down in Game two!

The situation seems…. not good.

All in all I had a blast with this worthy inheritor to Space Hulk (not that I won’t be having a blast when I GET my copy of new Space Hulk!). It’s different enough that it feels challenging and I’m feeling jazzed to get the rest of the stuff painted for it. Definitely a great project and I had tons of fun doing it.

The great thing about all the models is that I can use them in my Secrets of the Third Reich army as well… so they get to do double duty.


~ by Achilles on August 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Games I Like – Incursion – Finally got to play a game!”

  1. Excellent post. I’m really enjoying Secrets of the Third Reich and Incursion. Ever since they released stats for Captain America and Bucky, I have ben going a bit mad making custom cards for various Super Heroes … er … Sentinels of Liberty.

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