Games I Like – Infinity – Ariadna

Well having finished my Pan Oceania army for Infinity this week I wanted to start a new project.

I really like this game and I’m pretty excited to start another army. These models were actually the first Infinity figures I purchased, but never got around to painting.

I’ve started by putting together a 200pt list to get myself started. Here’s the basics.

Line Kazak Lieutenant – 9pts
Line Kazak Paramedic – 13
Line Kazak -9pts
Para Commando -20pts
Tank Hunter AP HMG – 40pts 1.5 SWC
Scout with AP Sniper – 35pts 1 SWC
Dog Warrior – 28pts
Veteran Kazak with MultiSpecVisor Lvl.1 – 47pts

TOTAL 201pts – 2.5 SWC


The Kazak Lt, a Kazak and what will be painted as a medic (all old sculpts). I should note from this point on that all the bases have been made by me from plasticard and sand.


The Para-Commando is a really nice dynamic model. I’ve learned the value of AD troops in Infinity as well! Parachutists aren’t as powerful as combat dropping troops… but they’re cheap as chips!


Although the Ariadnan infantry is lighter than the higher-tech races in Infinity… but they make up for it with the super-metal Teseum that allows them to compete with the more advanced factions. The AP HMG is a big balancing factor when you’re fighting heavy infantry and tags… cutting their armour in half and with good accuracy and high rate of fire will definitely make them think twice before sticking their heads out.


Much like the Tank Hunter the scouts can even the odds with heavy armour with an AP Sniper Rifle. They are also one of the Camouflage troops available to Ariadna, making them harder to shoot back at.


The Dog Soldier’s are Ariadna’s answer to heavy hitting models. As soon as a dog-face gets hit… he goes all big and wolfy. Armed with 2 Chain Guns, he’s not subtle… but he’s got super jump and puts out a ton of damage!


Last but not least is the Veteran Kazak. This guy really represents the best of the best of Ariadnan infantry. He’s got an AP Rifle, heavy armour and doesn’t pass out when wounded! I also like to equip him with a level 1 Multispectral visor to help me counter enemy camouflage troops.

Although some of the models might have a colour or two on them I’ll be starting from stratch with all of them. I’m thinking some WWII Russian colours for the most-part.

More to come!


~ by Achilles on August 3, 2009.

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