TGN Battle Challenge #1 – Phase 3 Complete!

Well, I’ve painted the last of my Pan Oceanic force for the TGN Battle Challenge – Infinity

That brings my roster of models painted during the challenge to;

-St Joan d’Arc
-Knight Hospitallar
-Aquila Guard
-Trauma Doc
-Croc Man Sniper
-Croc Man
-Akalis Commando
-Akalis Commando HMG
-6 Fusiliers
-Fusilier Forward Observer
-Fusilier HMG
-Fusilier Hacker

In addition to this I’ve also got painted from previously…

-Squalo Armoured Cavalry
-2 Sierra Remotes
-Bagh Mari
-2 Orc Troops
-Orc HMG

So all in all I’m super happy with the last three months.

In addition to my painting projects, I’ve gotten in 8 great games of Infinity. I’ve playtested my Tournament Pack (though I won’t get to run it during the Challenge). I’ve finished painting a ton of scenery and all in all had a blast!

Thanks got to Zac for organizing the challenge and keeping it up even through the turbulent times with the site. His Pan Ocs look great! I also want to thank Axhead and Vastatum for being great opponents and putting up with my blatant disregard for rules and commitment to forgetting everything we learned between games. I also want to give big kudos to Grimbergen and Steeldragon for their inspirational pics, great spirit and encouragement.

To everyone else in Battle Challenge it’s been fun following along and watching you guys build and paint your models. I hope you guys all enjoyed it as much as I did!

Without further ado here is my last model for Battle Challenge; St Joan D’Arc!

She’s fun to paint…. but I’d forgotten that she had been dropped in the primer box. 😦 Sections of her are a bit ‘gritty’. Ah well; such is life.

I wanted her to look like she was beseeching the almighty for guidance; eyes raised to the sky. 🙂 I hope you guys like her!





~ by Achilles on August 2, 2009.

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