Games I Like – Strange Aeons – Review: Got my release bundle today!

Well it looks like the alignment of planets has occurred and my pre-release bundle for Strange Aeons arrived today on my door!

I’m always fascinated by self-published miniature games (see my work on building Indy game Incursion). They’re typically a great source of relaxing hobby time and not model or space intensive. They also tend to give me great inspiration for little hobby projects of my own and are a wonderful excuse to paint those odd models that you’ve always wanted to buy but never had a reason to.

I’m a huge fan of H.P. Lovecraft. If you didn’t read my previous blog post about him he was a Pulp writer from early in the 20th century. He wasn’t famous in his own lifetime, but his dark and brooding psychological horror stories have shaped a lot of current and past authors. Lovecraft’s protagonists were almost always regular people propelled into strange and unfathomably mind-bending experiences against alien and ancient forces beyond their capability to process.

So like I said earlier, Strange Aeons is a miniature skirmish game in the vein of Necromunda, Mordheim or Legends of the Old West. Players build small teams who play scenario based missions and earn experience, grow more powerful or die gloriously in battle. They can learn new skills and find new equipment through the course of a fun and interactive campaign.

The package that arrived on my doorstep was the pre-release bundle deal.

Excited I tore open the brown manila envelop to find…


Included in the bundle were….
-The Spiral Bound Strange Aeons rulebook
-Limited Edition Threshold Agent ‘Lovecraft’
-Pack of 3 Threshold Agents
-Pack of 3 Cultists
-Pack of 2 Fishmen
-Formless Thing
-Pack of Scenery Objectives

So lets start from the beginning…


The rulebook itself is spiral bound. Now… some of you might take issue with this but the first thing you learn when you get into small or indy games is that self-publishing is NOT easy! There are tons of great games out there for which the rules are often downloads. Infinity, Helldorado, Heavy Gear and Pulp City are all examples of such things.

So that being said, this is a well put together book. The paper is heavy and glossy. The rules are full colour and the whole thing is covered by a clear laminate sheet cover on the front and back to protect the pages. Considering the price point is super-cheap compared to 90% of games out there I’m happy as a clam with the product.


The illustrations are actually really nice!


The in-game shots are all rendered as turn of the century style photographs. Very cool!

Now on to the models…


So now here is the Agent Lovecraft model that I received for ordering the bundle. Now lets get this right out of the way… the quality of the models isn’t amazing. They’re made from white gravity poured resin and haven’t got a ton of fine crisp details. Now models aren’t everything for me. The great thing about miniature games like this is that you can use a TON of different miniatures from a ton of different companies. Uncle Mike himself quotes Canadian company Pulp Figures as a great source for figures for Strange Aeons (and they really are!). I myself will probably also be tapping the following companies for figures.

RAFM, another Canadian company has a great line of Call of Cthulhu miniatures.

RAFM also has a great bunch of figures in the Modern USX series that will work really well.
Hasslefree has a great line of Adventurers that will work as well.

Please post any links to other lines you think would work in the comments sections!

So here are the rest of the figures.


The agents of Threshold. Starting forces in Strange Aeons are 15 Build Points…which looks to add up to about 3-5 models.


Hooded Cultists! These guys are definitely up to no good…


Fishmen! Clearly someone has caught the Innsmouth look… As they say, something is fishy down at Devil’s Reef.


The Formless Thing. This extra-dimensional ooze blows the mind while it devours you!


Objectives and scenery pieces. These chests and bits of stone relic are used in scenarios to represent items of interest. Obviously this stuff is available from tons of other retailers as well.

So here’s the basics;

The game is an experience building Skirmish Campaign.

Play area is a 24×36″ surface. It’s a ‘kitchen table’ miniature game.

About three to five miniatures per side is a good starting force. Forces will grow and shrink based on the events of the campaign!

So right along with Incursion you can expect more blog posts about Strange Aeons as I get some time to do some hobbying in the near future. Feel free to hit up the comments section with any questions and I’ll fill you in.


~ by Achilles on August 1, 2009.

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