Games I Like – Secrets of the Third Reich – Got my stuff this week!

Well here we go; another new Miniature Game.

Along with AE World War 2 and Incursion, Secrets of the Third Reich is another Weird War miniature game set during the upheaval of World War Two. The genre basically takes historical events and puts an odd spin on things. Throw in zombies, superscience robots and aliens and you’ll basically get the picture.

Having jumped into Incursion, which takes place in the Secrets of the Third Reich universe, it seemed natural I’d try out the big brother game. Scale wise; of the three games I named above the closest parallels between them would be Space Hulk (Incursion), Infinity/Confrontation 3 (AE WWII), Secrets of the Third Reich (Warhammer 40,000). I also have the AE WWII rulebook which I can play with the same minis and I’ll likely blog about later.

Initially I just ordered the rulebook along with my Incursion figures. A week or two after getting Incursion I decided to place an order directly to West Wind to get an American Armoured Infantry force.


So this week it showed up! What I ordered was…
-US Armoured Infantry Starter
-US Armoured Infantry with Carbines
-‘Big Chief’ US Mecha
-US HMG Team
-Wild Bill OSS Agent

The miniatures themselves are nice and easy to put together. The biggest bit of customization you can do with these miniatures is what West Wind calls the separate head system (SHS). The leftovers also let you customize any non-west wind models you what to use to fill in gaps in your force!


So having read through the book a bit I decided to figure out a basic list to start constructing out of what I’d ordered. I already have the APE squad painted and I am very much in love with the figures so I started there. Your basic platoon structure in Secrets only requires one Infantry Squad and a Command Squad. You also get to choose a maximum of one character and up to three support choices (elite squads like the APEs, Mechas, Vehicles). The basic suggested game size is 50 Requisition Points. The APEs with an HMG upgrade are 8RPs, so that left me with 42RPs to spend.


To start I put together Wild Bill to lead my army. He gives your platoon the Monster Hunters skill that negates the Uncanny Resilience of weird troops like zombies, etc. He costs 4 RPs.


So you have to take a US platoon Command Squad to lead your force. It includes a Lieutenant with Thompson, Sergeant with Thompson, Corporal with Springfield Sniper Rifle, Radioman, Medic and 2 Riflemen. It costs me 6 more RPs.



The next thing on the list is an Armoured Infantry squad that’s mandatory to take. The one I’ve made here consists of 12 guys divided into 2 fireteams (A and B). The Sergeant and Corporal both have Browning Assault Rifles (BARs) and lead each fireteam. I’ve also given a rifleman a BAR and another one a packed .30 caliber machine gun. This squad costs a total of 7RPs.

Now to get me started this is all I’ve got put together and totals 25RPs (half my company). I’ll try to get this all painted up and then work on the next chunk. They’ve all been based the same method as my APE squad so that they match.

When this stuff is done I’ve got my Big Chief, Commanche Mech and HMG team to put together.


The Big Chief is a resin and metal hybrid and I’m looking forward to painting it! The Commanche and HMG team are full metal kits.

Keep tuned to this page as more guys built and painted.


~ by Achilles on August 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “Games I Like – Secrets of the Third Reich – Got my stuff this week!”

  1. Have you played a game of Secrets of the Third Reich yet?

    What do you make of it?



    • I haven’t gotten the chance! I have played a couple games of Incursion (which was hella fun, and basically Space Hulk with a bonus deck of actions) and painted parts of my US Armoured Infantry force.

      I just got a whole British army in a trade, so if I can get that painted (or at least assembled) I’ll have an OpFor for my Americans. Believe me, if I try out a new game I’ll likely talk about it on here when I do. 🙂

      Eden is also up on my hitlist at the moment, as I just got my stuff assembled.

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