Games I Like – Incursion – The board is done, on to the models!

Well, you all may have felt me get a bit excited about Incursion the past few weeks… and that hasn’t really ebbed off. I got some free time this past week during which time I sat down as assembled all of my Starter Sets and extra.


So what I’ve basically ordered from Fantization is…

1- Allied Starter Set
2- Axis Starter Set
3- 2 Blisters of Ape Grunts (1 & 2)
4- 1 Blitzhund
5- 1 Hanz the Hunter

This gives me roughly 31 Requisition Points worth of allies (MORE than enough for the whole campaign, and if I order another HMG and Blazer enough for a basic APE company in Secrets of the Third Reich as well!). It also gives me 25 Requisition Points worth of Axis models (1 Bomber Zombie from what I’d need to run the final mission) which I really just need an extra pack of Zombies (I’ll likely use the Secrets of the Third Reich ones so they’re all unique) to finish off.

I also got a free evening last night to paint… so without missing a beat I got though my APE Squad. That’s 2 Grunt APEs, 1 APE Blazer, 1 APE HMG and an APE Sarge. This should be more than enough allies for the first four missions of the seven mission campaign, and is a Support Choice squad for my soon to arrive US Armoured Infantry army for Secrets of the Third Reich.


I also grabbed a quick ‘up close’ shot of one of the Grunt APEs.


So next on the hitlist will be to paint myself some ZOMBIES. I’m pretty excited about this and I’ll probably be alternating between painting the two sides so I can build the two forces evenly to play through the campaign. Watch this space for moaning, shuffling deadites soon enough! When they’re done I’ll put paint on Slugger, who I’ve got a couple ideas for…


~ by Achilles on August 1, 2009.

One Response to “Games I Like – Incursion – The board is done, on to the models!”

  1. […] a bit I decided to figure out a basic list to start constructing out of what I’d ordered. I already have the APE squad painted and I am very much in love with the figures so I started there. Your basic platoon structure in […]

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