Games I Like – Incursion – Building the Game!

Well anyone who knows me even a little will tell you that if there’s one thing I can’t get enough of… it’s Zombies.

I love the moaning, shuffling, cannibalistic buggers. The film genre has captured my imagination since that halloween when I was ten and saw Night of the Living Dead (the original, not the Savini remake!) on late night TV. Since then I’ve been a collector of everything from Zombie films, comics, video games, board games and even clothing.

But I could go on and on about this subject. Instead lets talk about Incursion, the first game produced by indy-gaming-collective turned Company Grindhouse Games.

So from the get-go I was pretty much doomed to jump into this game with both feet and not really looking. From a cursory glance of the Rulebook I realized that this game was basically a descendant of 1st Edition Space Hulk, one of the first miniature games I ever played (and still play today!). It pitted U.S. Infantrymen in a alternate events World War 2 setting against hordes of Z-Gas infected Zombies. The Axis also had access to other supernatural weirdness such as a werewolf they call the Blitzhund and a altered monster human who looks exactly like a Big Daddy from Bioshock (Hanz the Hunter).

To deal with these menaces the soldiers are equipped with A.P.E. suits, basically diesel-powered Terminator Armour.

I went online to my favorite webstore Fantization and ordered a complete set of the models. About a month and a half has gone by. My models have arrived and I’m almost done the TGN Battle Challenge. I had a free day today and thought I’d do some hobbying!

Incursion is a board game and makes no illusions about being otherwise. The nice thing is the rulebook, the counters and the board are all free! The Downloads section of the Grindhouse Games forum has everything you need to play short of models, and if you already have some armoured marines with machine guns and a few zombie figures you’re pretty much ready to play already.

Now this isn’t the first time I’ve assembled a board game off the internet, so I’ve got a few tricks. With that in mind, I ran out to Staples this morning to grab everything I’d need that I didn’t have to hand.


So here’s a quick inventory of what I used…

1. An HP Deskjet printer set to 300dpi
2. A cutting mat
3. Two different hobby knives; one for cutting foam and one for fine work
4. A steel ruler with cork back (so it doesn’t slip)
5. A gluestick
6. A permanent black marker
7. A pack of penny cardsleeves
8. 110lbs Cardstock (from Staples 8.5×11)
9. Printable sticky shipping labels (from Staples 8.5×11)
10. Two sheets of white foamboard (I would have used black, but Staples was out of stock)

So from experience I can tell you right now… the easiest way in the WORLD to mount anything you’re going to print on your home printer on foamboard is using large printable shipping labels. They never come off, they stick right away and evenly and they will NOT bubble.


The best part is that because they’re smudgeproof they work great for a surface you’re going to be handling. I started off by printing all 12 of the sheets from the Assets 1.1 file.



The labels are effectively big stickers. All you have to do is peel the back and stick them to the Foamboard! Smooth them down (remember, it’s smudgeless paper!) to make sure it’s flat and adhered. I usually let them sit a minute or two before cutting.


Now you want to use a heavy knife with a FRESH BLADE. I can’t stress enough how important it is when cutting foamboard, or it will crumple on the inside and not be a neat cut. Trim the excess foamboard. I used the permanent marker at this point to just colour along the cut edge so any white wasn’t visible when the boards were lined up. This trick is something I learned from building cardstock models.


Now the cardstock is used to print the Force Cards, Battle Cards, Tokens and Doors. My Deskjet supports double sided printing (manually) so I printed the Battle Cards one sheet at a time by simply printing page 3 (the backs) and 4. Then 3 and 5, 3 and 6…etc. so that all the Battle and Force Cards would have the pretty Incursion backings.

I use a heavy knife (with a fresh blade!) to cut and trim these as well as it gives everything straight edges.


To help with wear and tear and because printable cardstock isn’t as heavy as the average Magic Card, I used penny sleeves to protect all the cards. Incursion uses a deck of Battle Cards for random events as well as to keep track of your Force so I knew these would get handled a lot.


The Doors are designed to fold over to be double sided. I simply cut them out and used the gluestick (again, this will avoid bubbles and warping) to stick them.

The permanent marker is used to trace around the edge and get rid of the white so it doesn’t show. I did the same with the tokens, gluing two of each together to make them a little more durable and so that you’d be able to tell what they are from either side. I’d recommend printing the tokens sets twice (like the doors) so you have lots to go around.


Now, I’ve cheated here a bit. I happen to have a few hundred old Space Hulk, Space Crusade and Tyranid Attack door bases lying around. Instead of using the cut-out card stands I’ve swapped these in… but the cardstock ones will serve admirably if you don’t have access to these.


The final result! Here’s the table set up for Mission 1: Recon. You can see I’ve also spent some time putting together my APE squad and they’re on the board for scale pre-primer.

I spent about 3 hours all told printing, cutting and assembling the board. As it breaks into sections it all fits into a large shoebox! I saved the plastic blister packs from the models to store the doors and counters in so the whole thing stows away and is ready to go!

The rulebook itself I also printed on Cardstock (just to make it tough). The HP5400 supports double sided printing (albeit manually), which is how I printed the rulebook and cards with their backings. As I print a lot of rulebooks (lots of companies are doing E-Rules these days!) I’ve actually invested in a cirlocks binder and some plastic covers. It’s a bit expensive ($100+ from Staples), but I’ve gotten a ton of mileage out of it in the past couple of years with everything from Infinity to Helldorado.

Next on the hitlist I’m going to assemble my Axis models so I can actually try out the game!


~ by Achilles on August 1, 2009.

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