Games I Like – Helldorado – A descendant of Warmachine?

Games I Like 3 – Helldorado by Asmodee

Well it is definitely a plus to have paid attention in your highschool french class if you decide you want to get into Helldorado. This skirmish scale miniature game takes a feather from Privateer Press’s hit game Warmachine and Hordes. It uses slightly fewer models (6-12), but is both card and combo based. It also revolves strongly around your forces Officer (read; Warcaster/Warlock) as his personal fighting style and abilities will shape the tactics you tend to use.

If you’re interested you’ll want to download the English Rules PDF. As a bilingual Canadian I also went and ordered the french rulebook, and I can tell you that the complete rules ARE available in this document, you’re just missing out on the Terraformation rules for scenery and scenarios.

English translations of the cards for the Demons, the Westerners, the Lost, the Saracens, the Mercenaries and of course those cute little exploding magic things the Lemures are all available for download in PDF for the anglophone gamer. Unfortunately the rules for the expansion of the game up to 1635 and for the new Immortals faction are only available in french at this point.

So in North America I’ve ordered all my figs from Steve over at Fantization . Be prepared to wait sometimes however, as these figs are NOT mass produced and often out of stock.

My first complete army are the Westerners. Basically take Europe in 1634 during the Spanish Inquisition and age of the Conquistador. Add portals to hell that open up all over. What you get is a bunch of folks with the desire to conquer who decide that the ‘New World’ is an extra-dimensional space inhabited by the defeated from the War in Heaven and all kinds of other unnatural horrors and strangeness.

Westerner Sergeant AidenSt James

Aidan St James is an Independent in my Westerner force. It means while unique, he’s an unrestricted model and I can have as many of those as I like. Troopers are restricted to your Command total of your Officer and Independents put together, so you can’t swarm the opposition with basic infantry as you can in some other games.

Westerner Officer - Baptiste Valombre

Baptiste Valombre is my officer of choice. This ‘Erudite Adventurer’ is the only Atheist in the group of three leaders I have available, meaning I can’t take advantage of some of the religious effects in my army. He’s also a good all-around-er who supports the models in his force when they’re nearby.

Westerner Mister Valet - Demonic Assistant

Mister Valet is Baptiste’s sidekick and is included in his point-cost. He weakens models around him and with his ‘If you’ll allow me…’ rule can jump Baptiste out of trouble.

Westerner Dopplesoldier
Westerner Dopplesoldier
Westerner Grenadier
Westerner Grenadier
Westerner Arquebuser

My Dopplesoldiers, Grenadiers and Arquebusiers form the backbone of my troopers. Close assault, medium and long range troops give me lots of tactical options and mean I can pick between them depending upon who my officer is!

Westerner Gypsy - Sara
Westerner Lemure - Marouffle
Sara and her Lemure Marouffle offer me some magic support and are GREAT models!

Westerner Fencer

Fencers are the hammer-blow of the Westerner army. Hard to hit, fast and with ‘God Guide My Hand’ order in play, nigh unstoppable in an assault.

The play area for this game is also pretty unique, only 30 by 30 inches. Scenery deployment and selection is also highly developed in the game with scenery having ‘rules’ that can buff or hurt models nearby. You will definitely want to make your own table for this game! Look for shots of mine sometime in the future.


~ by Achilles on August 1, 2009.

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